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Party Time In Echo Bay

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Well, last night was a blast!  First, the weather was great all day yesterday after some morning fog.  Granddaughter Demie arrived by float plane just a little late due to fog.

So last night was the first ever Sock Hop at Pierre’s at Echo Bay Resort.  Simon brought all his DJ stuff.  Yvonne and I helped dock boats all day.  Then we decorated the party tent for the dance.   Gar cooked all the burgers, grilled onions, toasted buns… Yum.  Tove and crew did fries, beans etc., then we had ice cream and cake and all the toppings for dessert.  Simon did his DJ magic for those who wanted to dance.

Pierre’s is pretty darn busy this summer.  The most boats we have seen and we met some great people here.

Oh, yeah.. Demie brought parts for Simon’s freezer and it looks like things are cooling nicely.   We hope this fix works!   That would be great.

Looks like today we are going to Greenway Sound.  That marina is now closed and they are having an auction in August to sell off the stuff.  In the meantime boats are staying there free of charge since no one is there manning the place.  Sort of like Minstrel Island, but better docks.   So we are going to go there and do some prawning,  then move on.  No internet probably til late this week or weekend and then only if we decide to go to Jennis Bay.

We are still  hoping the Bryants get their boat back in the water soon and head up again.  Latest report is they are hoping to depart on Thursday or Friday.

Til later….


One thought on “Party Time In Echo Bay

  1. Sounds like the sock hop was fun! Will email you…….

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