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At Jennis Bay

We have been slowly moving around since we left Pierre’s at Echo Bay.  We headed to Greenway Sound Marina which is now closed but cheap-o people like us are staying on the vacant docks until they are sold and removed.   We were not the only ones.. We were there 3 nights and there were anywhere from 7 to 17 boats there each night.   The prawning is excellent there.  These guys were the biggest prawns I have ever seen up here.  Almost scary to look at those eyes bugging out at you.   We continued to have rain…. then a little sun, so Yvonne and I took Demie kayaking for the first time.  She did great.   We stayed at Greenway 3 nights.   Again, one of those coincidences happened to us.  A Canadian boat there named Northern Lights used to owned by a friend in Des Moines.  The boat was then named Salty Gus.  I took pictures to take back and show the previous owners.

We left Greenway Sound for Claydon Bay and anchored in our favorite spot.   Gar, Demie and I took the dinghy to Sullivan Bay for supplies but the store was out of some of the things I wanted.  Saw our friends from Five Foot Two there and they were going to come to Claydon Bay later so they bought what I wanted and brought them to us.  Nice!

One day got pretty darn sunny and the bugs came out so Simon got out his trusty sewing machine and Gar got out the screen material and they made screens for both boats!  Heaven!  They just snap on the doors and hatches.  Feeling pretty uptown!

Sandpiper’s friends, Troublemaker and Mouse Trap came to Claydon Bay and anchored so we kayaked over and said hi to them.

We left Claydon to come to Jennis Bay which is where we are as I type this. But I just saw the clock and I have to start my dish for the cajun night dinner here.   We get homemade gumbo, jambalaya and bread pudding and we all bring a side dish.   So, if time I will post more later.  If not, it will be on Wed or Thurs at Pt. Hardy.




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Party Time In Echo Bay

Well, last night was a blast!  First, the weather was great all day yesterday after some morning fog.  Granddaughter Demie arrived by float plane just a little late due to fog.

So last night was the first ever Sock Hop at Pierre’s at Echo Bay Resort.  Simon brought all his DJ stuff.  Yvonne and I helped dock boats all day.  Then we decorated the party tent for the dance.   Gar cooked all the burgers, grilled onions, toasted buns… Yum.  Tove and crew did fries, beans etc., then we had ice cream and cake and all the toppings for dessert.  Simon did his DJ magic for those who wanted to dance.

Pierre’s is pretty darn busy this summer.  The most boats we have seen and we met some great people here.

Oh, yeah.. Demie brought parts for Simon’s freezer and it looks like things are cooling nicely.   We hope this fix works!   That would be great.

Looks like today we are going to Greenway Sound.  That marina is now closed and they are having an auction in August to sell off the stuff.  In the meantime boats are staying there free of charge since no one is there manning the place.  Sort of like Minstrel Island, but better docks.   So we are going to go there and do some prawning,  then move on.  No internet probably til late this week or weekend and then only if we decide to go to Jennis Bay.

We are still  hoping the Bryants get their boat back in the water soon and head up again.  Latest report is they are hoping to depart on Thursday or Friday.

Til later….

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

I don’t know for sure what it is doing at home, but we have had rain, rain and more rain.   There is the occasional sun break, or cloudy day, but we have never seen it rain this much.  The good news is that there is very little wind.

We left Cordero Lodge – Sandpiper headed on up the Johnstone Straits since the water was good.   We went to Sydney Bay to say hi to Helen and Dane.  Their puppy is huge!  They were getting ready to celebrate Helen’s 80th birthday the next day.  After a quiet night there, we left at 5:15 a.m. the next morning and headed up to meet Sandpiper.  The straits were nice and calm and we arrived in Pt. Harvey by 10:00; rendezvoused with Sandpiper and headed to Minstrel Island.  Of course, the scary, mean Canadian from 2 years ago was there on his Mainship.  We chose to totally ignore him.  We were all invisible to each other for 2 days.   Guess we showed him!

Yvonne and I hiked the furthest we have ever done on Minstrel Island.  After quite a walk we started talking about what to do if we ran across a bear… then discussed what type of bear… then started to worry about cougars, so we carefully headed back to the boats.  Just as we got close, an animal came running across the path in front of us. Not a bear, not a cougar, but a chicken?  What?  Where the heck did that come from?

We had good texting and limited phone at Minstrel, and also as we moved on for 3 days at the Indian Village.  That is how we found out about the trials and tribulations of Bill and Judy Bryant with their boat.  They were headed up to join us and went aground in LaConner.  Did some transmission damage and minor prop, shaft damage but spent a couple days in Anacortes getting repairs.  Then leaving Anacortes their other engine had a major boo-boo, so they headed back to Des Moines on one engine and as I am typing, we are waiting to find out their status.  They were going to yank the engine, do the repair, then head back this way.  Clearly, I am passing on my gremlins to everyone this year!

We spent 3 wet but nice days at the Indian Village.  Well, except another encounter with a passive agressive Canadian (why do they pick on me?!).  She didn’t like the fact I was clam digging on the beach.  It might disturb something.  Totally bizarre, but we decided to ignore her.  We are legal so there really is no problem except in her mind.

Anyway, after 3 days of rain we left Saturday for Waddington Bay.  We actually had part of the day with no rain.   While anchored we listened to a MayDay call from a 26′ boat that hit a rock and was sinking.  They were abandoning ship in their dinghy.  It was only 4.5 miles from us but help was on scene immediately.   Scary stuff to listen to on the radio.

We arrived at Echo Bay yesterday… rain showers, sun showers, fog, rain, sun.   Great to be hear and see Pierre and Tove.  I got 3 loads of laundry done and now today Demie arrives on a seaplane to spend 10 days with us.  Simon, Yvonne and Garry and I are helping put on their first ever sock hop here.  Simon is the dj,  the rest of us help cook, dock boats, decorate, entertain… whatever they need us to do.  I will have pictures to post later on that!

OK – gotta go shower and start decorating for the party!

At Minstrel Island


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We Are Still Here

Wow, it’s been a week since I posted anything.    I had to go back and read the last couple posts to see what I had even talked about!

We left Campbell River after filling up with fuel at $1.16 at litre… or just over $4.50 a gallon – actually less than we thought it would be.   We went a few hours to Von Donop Inlet on Cortes Island.  We had a few anchoring issues there with one of them bending our anchor quite abit when we got stuck on a big rock.  We finally got a great spot and spent Canada Day in pouring rain.   The next couple days were slightly better weather wise but not great.  We kept in touch with Simon and Yvonne on the Sandpiper as they made their way from Port Orchard towards us.

Last Sunday we left Von Donop and headed to Ramsey Arm – one of Garry’s most favorite places.  Got a great anchorage and spent a quiet night, but looking forward to Sandpiper’s probable arrival on Monday.  Much to our surprise another boat came in and anchored a ways from us.  Unheard of in Ramsey Arm!

Well, Simon and Yvonne arrived right on schedule and along with them came some great weather!  By Wednesday it was 91 in the sun, 81 in the shade.   We got some great clams, oysters, prawns and a couple really nice red snapper.  We ate alot!   Gar and Simon played with fixing things and prawning.  Yvonne and I played with kayaks and reading.

Speaking of fixing things, I bet you wonder what broke next, right?  The coffee pot!  It would make coffee but never shut off after the water went through.  I just would steam up the whole boat.   After a couple days of that, it healed itself and is working again.  Oh, yeah… one of the sink stoppers came apart and one piece went down the drain.  Clearly our gremlins do not have to be all electrical!

At Ramsey Arm there is one place with a very nice cabin/house that we call Smith and Wesson.  Years ago, the previous owners had a shack on their that had a sign that said “Guarded by Smith & Wesson”, so we still call it that.  Several years ago we met the current owners, Allan and Brenda from Vancouver.  They, along with Allan’s brother and another partner own it and this year Allan is building his own house on the land.  He bought a kit house and has this thing up and livable in 20 days.  The pictures I took will be downloaded when I get the  card reader for that camera.  I forgot it at home and Demie will bring it with her next weekend.

Anyway, back to Smith and Wesson…The four of us went over and got a great tour of the place.  The stuff all came in on barge and he had a crew there for a while to put it all together.   He said it was like Legos.. He is doing all the interior finish work.   They installed a turbine system in the river that sends current to batteries, to an inverter, and so they have all the electricity they need.

We had a great time chatting with them.   They gave us a couple crab so the next morning when we were leaving we dropped off some of Garry’s special prawn bait.

So we left there and headed to Shoal Bay for a night, meeting up with some Port Orchard boaters, Gene and Nancy on the Troublemaker.  He is the one that hit the rock off of Echo Bay last year.

Oh oh oh!  I forgot!   We are passing our gremlins on to others!   Simon and Yvonne’s new freezer is not working right, so we are working on a plan to get that fixed, so will be transferring alot of their frozen stuff to our boat.  I tell you, there have been more things happen.

We spent last night at Cordero Lodge where Doris, Kellie and Kellies 2 boys are holding the fort right now, still hoping for a sale of the place.  Reinhardt’s health makes it better for him in Campbell River.  The food and company was great, as usual, and Kellie’s two boys, Michael (9) and Max (6) are a delight!   Great kids!  Max thought Simon was just too cool!  It was funny.

Thank goodness for internet and texting to keep in touch at home.  It sure makes this nice to web cam with Natalie a couple of times and to pass on lists of things we need brought up, and just to hear the gossip from home.

We are leaving here mid-day today and will be hopefully heading up the Johnstone’s on Monday morning; spending a night at Minstrel Island then several nights at the Indian Village.   Next internet will be next weekend at Pierre’s Bay.   Demie will arrive then and Simon and Yvonne, Gar and I are helping put on a sock hop on the 18th.  Should be a blast!  More then.

Pictures won’t upoad due to weak signal, so will try that later.