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Dolphins, Aliens, Fish & Chips

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Bet that title got your attention!  Ha!  Nothing that exciting.

So sad that we had to hear about the stranded dolphins just south of here yesterday from Brian and Dale.  If you are intereted, google it, but those dolphins were not our dinner of fish and chips tonight.  We had halibut from last year since we have not been fishing yet.

For those curious if aliens have taken over Gar; what with cooking, making beds, etc. – rest assured… We cooked together tonight, I’ve done the bed every night except the one night and I do the dishes.   However!!! He is very cleverly fixing the mini-deep fryer so the lid won’t pop open every time we try to cook something.   And he found great  Canada Day bargains at the stores today… much better than I did.   But overall I think he is almost normal.  Definitely no aliens.


One thought on “Dolphins, Aliens, Fish & Chips

  1. Obviously like the Dolphins, Garry needs more training….

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