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Moving On

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Telegraph Harbor Marina

Here’s hoping the pictures load correctly because there are some fun ones.  If not, I’ll do like yesterday.

A really cool thing happened in Ganges.  We were docked on the float plane dock so saw lots of activity.  Yesterday morning I saw an older couple – very decked out – she had a gorgeous white bouquet and he had a white rose on his lapel.  I did not know if they were leaving to get married or had landed to get married or what.   But then last night, there they were again on our dock!   So I decided to talk to them.  They had flown over from Vancouver for a 50th wedding anniversary party.   One of their bridesmaids had come from Edmonton for the fun day.   I gave them our card to look on the blog to see that I wrote about them!

Today we went all of 2 hours to Telegraph Harbor on Thetis Island.  We used to come here in the early ’80’s when we were on the Sharon Lee, the 24′ Bell Boy, then later with the Carvers.  Have not been here in the Tolly or this boat, so it has been awhile.   The marina is in great shape!   Looks the same.. super friendly people here.   We mentioned to the young dock boy that we came when Peter owned it and he said Peter was here on his boat.   We had a great talk with Peter and his wife.   They are heading for north on their boat in about a week.

Garry says hi to everyone at home.  I am starting to worry about him.   He cooked dinner last night (not too unusual), but then he made the bed this morning.  That is really scary!!!  And he his cooking tonight.  Something about it being my vacation, too.   I guess I’ll just go with it!

Off to Nanaimo tomorrow!

50th Anniversary time!


One thought on “Moving On

  1. it sounds as if things are working out…especially with Garry cooking and making beds. Way to go, Garry. I am proud of you!

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