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Ganges, B.C.

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Yesterday we had a leisurely 2 hour cruise from Sydney to Ganges and were lucky to get a spot on the government dock.   Just before getting there we hit a hailstorm!  In late June!   It was crazy.  I doubt if the picture will do justice, but it was amazing.  Then the sun came out.

Ganges is an interesting town…. our first time here.  It is hard to describe, but many call it a hippie town.  Very organic and natural.  Lots of tie dye clothes, dreadlocks, earthy attire….  The Saturday market is great fun.   I bought organic kale chips, fresh strawberries, an organic gluten free mini quiche, and a small rhubarb/mango/strawberry pie.   Lots of bead and stone jewelery.  Lots of homemade soaps.  Plenty of local music.

We have decided to stay another night in Ganges.   We are in no rush and don’t have to be anywhere for quite a while.   I am trying to talk Garry into going just a little ways tomorrow to Thetis Island and go to Telegraph Harbor Marina.   We used to go there every year with our good old Andre Yacht Club.   I don’t think we have been there since 2 boats ago!

I bet you are asking if everything is working on the boat!   Well, Gar’s repairs are good so far, but this morning it was so cold I turned the diesel heat on and it just didn’t want to keep running.   The best solution for that is warm weather.   Then we don’t need the heat!

Guess that is it for now!

Hail storm near GangesSaturday market in GangesPurchases at the Saturday market


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