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Boating Is Fun?


Well, we started out right on time on Tuesday.. 11:30 a.m… perfect time to run with the outgoing tide to Pt. Townsend, but 20 minutes out we realized some things were left in Garry’s van that we needed.   Fortunately, Christy and Demie found them and Richard drove the van to Shilshole where we had pulled in and were waiting for him.   That put us a little off schedule.  Water and wind started kicking up and we were on vacation so we decided to go into Pt. Ludlow instead where we spent a great night anchored in the small back bay.

Wednesday morning weather was calling for a not fun crossing in the Straits of Juan de Fuca, but gale winds in the afternoon, so we headed out early.   We had about 2 hours or more of 3-5 foot waves… not fun at all.   Lots of things crashing all over even though I had locked drawers and put things down.    We also noticed the alternator on the port engine had quit working.  And our Nobeltec navigation was freaking out from time to time with the boat on the screen hopping in circles and all over the map..   Weird..

We pulled into Garrison Bay and friends Dave and Doreen graciously let us tie up to their dock.  Gar washed the boat and then borrowed Dave’s truck to go into Friday Harbor with the alternator.   He came back later with a new one.  All good so far.   And the helpful people at Nobeltec gave me a list of things to check on our nav system.

We had used most of our water to wash the boat so decided to start the watermaker to make more water and guess what!   It wont’ stay running.  Oh, dear… this is NOT a good thing!   So instead of going to Sucia to have a nice relaxing day, we decide to head to Sydney in case we need parts, etc.   Of course on the way there the new alternator became toast.

OK – none of this is how you want to start vacation!   So frustrating and depressing.   But we clear customs at Van Island and get moorage at Port Sydney.   Good friend Richard of Van Isle Windows came and got Gar and the alternator off they went to Victoria.  I won’t pretend to understand the problem but it was a minor misunderstanding about a black wire when Gar hooked it up.  The rebuilt alternator is supposed to be ready this morning.   So now we are trying and trying to figure out the watermaker problem.  If we can’t, Brian may have to find replacement motor and/or parts and get them to Simon and Yvonne before they head north next week.

On the good news side, other than the bad water the one day we have had pretty good weather.   Some clouds, but also sun.  No rain.  Lots of wind.  And we had a great time going out to dinner last night with Richard and his wife Tyea.  The drove us over to a great place at Brentwood Bay.

So, now you are updated.  I would post the one picture I took so far, but it appears I left the connector at home to download to the pc.  Oops.

More later.  I hope with better news.


4 thoughts on “Boating Is Fun?

  1. Dang the bad luck!
    Sounds simmilar to my tire stoy on my cardboard shack.
    I think I told Garry, but if your interested I’ll tell the whole sad story.

  2. Send me an email with the story… we will have email again in a few days in Nanaimo or later in Campbell River. I need a good story!

  3. I don’t even know what to say……it can only go up from here? Still wish we were there 🙂

  4. Are Simon and Yvonne bringing you a connector for the camera? I’ll DIE if I can’t have pictures !!! Hey maybe Gar can make you one !!!

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