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Closer and closer


Almost ready to leave.   The goal is to leave Tuesday and run with the tides to Port Townsend.   Short boating days and a leisurely trip is our goal.  We got closer to this reality by getting the dinghy in the water for the first time – with the ‘new’ used motor.   It may or may not make the cut.  The old motor is going to go along for the ride, I think, just in case.   As much as we look forward to the trip, I know we will miss everyone and especially I will miss how much Natalie will change while we are gone.   Thank goodness for webcams and videos.   By the time we get home she will probably be close to walking!  She had better remember us when we get home!!

We will do our best to send sunny weather your way as we head north!

Bullfrog in the water


3 thoughts on “Closer and closer

  1. Bon voyage!!

  2. When you look down into the water, look for the tadpole watching what you do…that will be me, along for the ride. Mom

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