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Dolphins, Aliens, Fish & Chips

Bet that title got your attention!  Ha!  Nothing that exciting.

So sad that we had to hear about the stranded dolphins just south of here yesterday from Brian and Dale.  If you are intereted, google it, but those dolphins were not our dinner of fish and chips tonight.  We had halibut from last year since we have not been fishing yet.

For those curious if aliens have taken over Gar; what with cooking, making beds, etc. – rest assured… We cooked together tonight, I’ve done the bed every night except the one night and I do the dishes.   However!!! He is very cleverly fixing the mini-deep fryer so the lid won’t pop open every time we try to cook something.   And he found great  Canada Day bargains at the stores today… much better than I did.   But overall I think he is almost normal.  Definitely no aliens.



Naked Men and Boat Gremlins

I forgot to mention something very interesting about Saltspring Island (where Ganges is) that I observed when we left.    Being one with nature is taken literally.  At home I am known as Marina Lady with my binoculars.   Well, they came in handy – on two separate beaches I observed  nude men enjoying the morning in the sun.  Good thing I was using my good binoculars!  I can’t believe I forgot to mention this in my last post.

We are currently in Campbell River.   After Telegraph Harbor we went into Nanaimo for the day and boy, was that place empty!   Only two boats at the Cameron Island Marina.  The main marina was 2/3 empty and we actually were able to get reciprocity on the Nanaimo Y.C. dock.  We took the dinghy over to the main marina and walked up to the grocery store.  They are tearing down most of that old mall area, but we did not hear what was going in, if anything.   Then  Gar decided to try to find a piece of PVC pipe to fix our water leak.  People kept giving him directions to walk to a Home Depot type store or something, but by the time he found the place and walked back he had been gone 3 hours and had walked 5 miles.  His little tootsies were tired that night!

Weather and wind predictions for the Straits of Georgia were favorable for Tuesday morning, so we left at 5:30.   It started out as completely calm, not a ripple in the water, and for our 8 hour trip the worse water we had was 1-2 footers and 10-15 mps winds.  A really good ride to Campell River.

But the electrical gremlins strike again!  Our bow thruster would not work when docking, against the current and against the wind.  It got creative but we got successfully tied up.   It looks like there might be staffing budget cutbacks here because no one was on the dock to help like they have done in the past.   It is also pretty empty here compared to past years – especially considering that Friday is Canada day.

After getting situated and trying to figure out the bow thruster problem we got walking directions to NAPA (only 20 minutes away) but found out they don’t have the part we need.   The had their nice young female parts runner drive us to another parts place, but they didn’t have it either.   She then delivered me back to the boat along with some supplies we bought.  Gar walked back trying to find a pvc fitting to go with the pvc pipe he bought in Nanaimo.  PVC is hard to find here!

After thinking through the problem all night Gar realized that the bow thruster problem was not what he thought it was.  Actually, I found a wiring diagram on-line and it explained something that we think clarified the problem.   So, we lucked out and didn’t need a part flown in.  We hope.  It works fine while we are on the dock.  We just need it to work while docking!

I just spent a very frustrating 45 minutes on-line chatting with Comcast. I was trying to get them to discontinue our voice mail while we are gone, but after being transferred 3 times they said they needed to talk to Garry (he wasn’t here and how would they know it is him on-line?) and then they said they could only do it if we were calling from our home number and it was Garry talking.   Amazing that I am the one that adds all the features, stands in line for the dvrs when ours breaks, pays the bill, knows the password but can’t stop voice mail for 7 weeks.  So much for customer satisfaction!!!!   As Theresa would say, grrrrrrrrrrrr.

There has been a 2 week postal strike here that ended yesterday (the government stepped in made them go back to work.)  Good thing!   We accidentally left Nanaimo with the magnetic gate key they gave us.  There is a $20 charge for not returning it, but they said I could mail it to them.   The people here at the marina gave me a stamp, I had an envelope and they mailed it for me today.   Good customer service from them!

We are leaving here tomorrow and will probably not have internet until next weekend or so.. possibly the occasional phone signal, but probably by Sunday or Monday will be in Ramsey Arm where you are lucky just to get VHF radio reception.

Have a great 4th of July holiday.   We will celebrate Canada Day Friday somewhere and the 4th in Ramsey Arm.


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Moving On

Telegraph Harbor Marina

Here’s hoping the pictures load correctly because there are some fun ones.  If not, I’ll do like yesterday.

A really cool thing happened in Ganges.  We were docked on the float plane dock so saw lots of activity.  Yesterday morning I saw an older couple – very decked out – she had a gorgeous white bouquet and he had a white rose on his lapel.  I did not know if they were leaving to get married or had landed to get married or what.   But then last night, there they were again on our dock!   So I decided to talk to them.  They had flown over from Vancouver for a 50th wedding anniversary party.   One of their bridesmaids had come from Edmonton for the fun day.   I gave them our card to look on the blog to see that I wrote about them!

Today we went all of 2 hours to Telegraph Harbor on Thetis Island.  We used to come here in the early ’80’s when we were on the Sharon Lee, the 24′ Bell Boy, then later with the Carvers.  Have not been here in the Tolly or this boat, so it has been awhile.   The marina is in great shape!   Looks the same.. super friendly people here.   We mentioned to the young dock boy that we came when Peter owned it and he said Peter was here on his boat.   We had a great talk with Peter and his wife.   They are heading for north on their boat in about a week.

Garry says hi to everyone at home.  I am starting to worry about him.   He cooked dinner last night (not too unusual), but then he made the bed this morning.  That is really scary!!!  And he his cooking tonight.  Something about it being my vacation, too.   I guess I’ll just go with it!

Off to Nanaimo tomorrow!

50th Anniversary time!

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Ganges, B.C.

Yesterday we had a leisurely 2 hour cruise from Sydney to Ganges and were lucky to get a spot on the government dock.   Just before getting there we hit a hailstorm!  In late June!   It was crazy.  I doubt if the picture will do justice, but it was amazing.  Then the sun came out.

Ganges is an interesting town…. our first time here.  It is hard to describe, but many call it a hippie town.  Very organic and natural.  Lots of tie dye clothes, dreadlocks, earthy attire….  The Saturday market is great fun.   I bought organic kale chips, fresh strawberries, an organic gluten free mini quiche, and a small rhubarb/mango/strawberry pie.   Lots of bead and stone jewelery.  Lots of homemade soaps.  Plenty of local music.

We have decided to stay another night in Ganges.   We are in no rush and don’t have to be anywhere for quite a while.   I am trying to talk Garry into going just a little ways tomorrow to Thetis Island and go to Telegraph Harbor Marina.   We used to go there every year with our good old Andre Yacht Club.   I don’t think we have been there since 2 boats ago!

I bet you are asking if everything is working on the boat!   Well, Gar’s repairs are good so far, but this morning it was so cold I turned the diesel heat on and it just didn’t want to keep running.   The best solution for that is warm weather.   Then we don’t need the heat!

Guess that is it for now!

Hail storm near GangesSaturday market in GangesPurchases at the Saturday market

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Looking up

The newly rebuilt new alternator is now properly installed and charging nicely.  And with much creativity and persistence it appears as if the watermaker issue is resolved.   Fingers crossed on that one.   Cleaning the mess on the boat, putting water on, then heading out.  We are hoping to go to Ganges, but with the late start don’t know if there will be moorage.    We will just take things as they come.


Boating Is Fun?

Well, we started out right on time on Tuesday.. 11:30 a.m… perfect time to run with the outgoing tide to Pt. Townsend, but 20 minutes out we realized some things were left in Garry’s van that we needed.   Fortunately, Christy and Demie found them and Richard drove the van to Shilshole where we had pulled in and were waiting for him.   That put us a little off schedule.  Water and wind started kicking up and we were on vacation so we decided to go into Pt. Ludlow instead where we spent a great night anchored in the small back bay.

Wednesday morning weather was calling for a not fun crossing in the Straits of Juan de Fuca, but gale winds in the afternoon, so we headed out early.   We had about 2 hours or more of 3-5 foot waves… not fun at all.   Lots of things crashing all over even though I had locked drawers and put things down.    We also noticed the alternator on the port engine had quit working.  And our Nobeltec navigation was freaking out from time to time with the boat on the screen hopping in circles and all over the map..   Weird..

We pulled into Garrison Bay and friends Dave and Doreen graciously let us tie up to their dock.  Gar washed the boat and then borrowed Dave’s truck to go into Friday Harbor with the alternator.   He came back later with a new one.  All good so far.   And the helpful people at Nobeltec gave me a list of things to check on our nav system.

We had used most of our water to wash the boat so decided to start the watermaker to make more water and guess what!   It wont’ stay running.  Oh, dear… this is NOT a good thing!   So instead of going to Sucia to have a nice relaxing day, we decide to head to Sydney in case we need parts, etc.   Of course on the way there the new alternator became toast.

OK – none of this is how you want to start vacation!   So frustrating and depressing.   But we clear customs at Van Island and get moorage at Port Sydney.   Good friend Richard of Van Isle Windows came and got Gar and the alternator off they went to Victoria.  I won’t pretend to understand the problem but it was a minor misunderstanding about a black wire when Gar hooked it up.  The rebuilt alternator is supposed to be ready this morning.   So now we are trying and trying to figure out the watermaker problem.  If we can’t, Brian may have to find replacement motor and/or parts and get them to Simon and Yvonne before they head north next week.

On the good news side, other than the bad water the one day we have had pretty good weather.   Some clouds, but also sun.  No rain.  Lots of wind.  And we had a great time going out to dinner last night with Richard and his wife Tyea.  The drove us over to a great place at Brentwood Bay.

So, now you are updated.  I would post the one picture I took so far, but it appears I left the connector at home to download to the pc.  Oops.

More later.  I hope with better news.

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