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Boring, continued

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OK – even with good wifi I hit some weird key and could not finish my post because part of the screen got covered up by another part of the screen and I could not see what I was typing.  So I am attempting to do this a different way.

I was explaining about boring.   So, I was typing like crazy to get the basics out of the way… and another reason it might be a little boring is that the really good stories I cannot put in print.   Way too incriminating, that is for sure.

Anyway, we are in Nanaimo and last night went to the Dinghy Pub over on Newcastle Island for the first time.   We met Simon and Yvonne there for dinner and then Jeff and Kathy Landstrom came over and joined us later.   We were really lucky because last weekend the annual chowder cook-off got cancelled due to rain, so they were having a smaller version of it at the Dinghy Pub last night and we got to taste some really good chowder!   Then Lucky Simon won a raffle goodie back.  We were all very jealous!

So, I am going to try to post this, then try to think of something not too boring to tell you about..


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