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No Room at the Inn at Port Hardy

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Well, we got into Port Hardy a day ahead of schedule.  Yesterday (Tues) we left Roger, Karen and Kim at Echo Bay – hoping their Kenmore Air Flight would make it in to pick them up – fully intending to stay at Dickson Island and cross over to Port Hardy first thing this morning.   But right by Dickson we talked to friends in a 58′ Sonship, Five Foote Two, and they had just come down past Cape Caution and said it wasn’t too bad.   By now it is 1:00 p.m. and everyone knows not to cross the straits in the afternoon because the winds pick up, but off we go anyway.

Half way across we decide to call the Port Hardy Marina to reserve a moorage slip only to find out the marina was jam packed full.  No room at the inn.  Hmm – the water was pretty good so we didn’t want to turn around.  What to do, what to do.

We call our new Canadian friend Gord who owns a fuel dock just as you come in the bay.  He made calls and the marina was definitely full and our slip would not be available til today.  Nice man that he is, he let us tie up and stay on his dock last night.   We were there by 3:30, so filled up with fuel and had a nice dinner of crab, watched a movie and hit the sack.   This morning we needed to leave the fuel dock as a huge boat was coming in to fuel, so we called the marina and boats had left so we cruised all of about a mile to our spot in the harbor.   We were there all tied up and power plugged in by 9:00 a.m.

Just about then we got a call from Bill Bryant.   They had left Campbell River and were checking on wind conditions here as it was pretty windy where they were but they were chugging along at a good clip.   I am doing laundry at the laudromat here watching out over the bay and would not be surprised to see them at any time.

Word has it that the salmon are starting to really come in.   We’ve seen several really nice ones brought in here today.   I’m hinting that maybe next year we don’t go past Port Hardy and just do our salmon fishing here.   We’ll have to see how that goes over.

We sure were lucky when Brian and the Hazzards were with us.   Nice weather and lots of fun places to see and fun things to do.   The boat is sure quiet when it is just the two of us!!!  Guess we will have to make our own fun now.

Wifi spotty on the boat so if I post again it will be when I walk up to shore.


One thought on “No Room at the Inn at Port Hardy

  1. Sounds like things are going quite well. A word of caution though:


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