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Nailed – two ways

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When we were at Pierre’s Bay last week with Brian we saw a boat that we have heard many times called the Nordic Sun.  It is owned by Ron & Kathy Guttormsen.   They were leaving for Port McNeil with a medical situation that we heard all about when we got back yesterday.   Turns out Simon & Yvonne and the Hazzards know Ron & Kathy very well through Port Orchard Yacht Club.

Well, Ron & Kathy are selling their 50′ boat and building a place here at Echo Bay.   They had a friend up here helping and he somehow accidentally nail-gunned himself in the leg.   They wanted to put him on a plane to Seattle but he didn’t have a passport so they wouldn’t take him.   Seems as though you can use the enhanced driver’s license at border crossings, but the airlines are requiring passports.

Anyway, he had surgery and was hopping around the next day like nothing ever happened.  He even helped load supplies on the supply boat going back to Echo Bay.   Talk about one tough guy!

We walked over and looked at the house today…. it is all framed and some windows in, but no plumbing or wiring yet.  They have an incredible view and this morning were watching dolphins play out in the water right in front of them.

Then today there were a couple other nail stories.   Seems this boat going 25 mph nailed the infamous Browne Rock just at the end of Cramer Passage and did considerable damage to his very nice boat.   He limped into Pierre’s where a diver confirmed the substantial damage.   Then about an hour later more friends of Simon & Yvonne’s from Port Orchard on the Troublemaker (Gene and Nancy Neill) hit and nailed the same rock.   They now need one new prop and a strut straightened.   It was a busy day for the diver, but not a fun one for some boaters.


One thought on “Nailed – two ways

  1. Browne Rock sounds like a dangerous location. Too many accidents.

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