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Simon – crab virgin no more


Curly is the one on the right

OK – there is something wrong with the fact that Simon, at his advanced age, has never caught a crab.   What age might that be?   Well, I don’t know but it is more than Yvonne, but lots less than Garry.

Anyway, he enjoyed prawning so much the last few years that this year he bought a crab pot.   Crabbing spots have been fairly scarce where we have been staying to until we got to Claydon Bay he had no luck.  All of that changed at Claydon where he actually got more crab than Garry.   On top of that all Garry’s were girls and all Simon’s were boys.   Man, has he been gloating!

Simon, being Simon, named some of his favorite crabs.   The best were Larry, Curly and Moe.   Curly was the fiesty one.   There was also a Shemp.  I didn’t know that there was a 4th Stooge but he swears Shemp came along after one of the originals died.

We made sure that Simon had Curly for his crab appetizer the other night.   Even put his name on the crab cocktail cup.


2 thoughts on “Simon – crab virgin no more

  1. I like the picture – looks good. We enjoy hearing about all your activities with your friends.

  2. Yep, Simon’s right. There was a Shemp.


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