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Using your “head”

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Note:  this post was written several days ago but the internet went down… I will post more current stuff later today or tomorrow.


Hi, from Greenway Sound Marina.  Check it out…  The new owner is Trip Rumburger, former UW Husky football player from the ’70’s.  He went to the Rose Bowl when Warren Moon was QB.

Anyway, we hadn’t been here in years and Simon and Yvonne never, so we decided to come in.  Trip and crew are super friendly and in no time the guys found out that Trip’s macerator on his head on his boat was broken and he didn’t know quite what he was going to do.   Next thing you know they are down there tearing into it.   They ended up not only fixing that, but his bilge pump too.  We all got dinner, dessert and drinks compd last night as a result.

Dinner was great but the golf afterward was the best for Garry.   They have a deal here  where you try to hit a floating golf ball into a raft that is anchored out a ways.  If you get it in, you get free moorage.   There was a group of 4 men from Bellevue that challenged Gar to who can get closest.   They were all serious golfers and Gar won!   First golf game he has ever won.  Pretty funn.

Good friends, Roger, Karen and Kim Hazzard fly in today to Sullivan Bay where we will pick them up and head off to anchor somewhere for a couple days, then back here Saturday where Brian will fly out of to head home.  We woke up this morning to bright sun, so it should be a great day.


One thought on “Using your “head”

  1. Sounds as if you are having a wonderful time. Glad to hear that. Robin has been with me for three days and will leave in the AM (Sunday). Ryan brought us several cooked crab today so we had huge crab salads for dinner. Sooo good.
    Hi to the Hazzards from me.
    Love, Mom

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