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Lost at sea


One would think that our little anchoring challenge at Waddington Bay (see previous post) would be enough excitement for one day, but no!   Not for us!  You see, we have a guest on board.   And as smart as Brian is we have quickly learned he has a lot of learning to do before he becomes a true boater.

Brian loves to fish.  Every time I turn around he has a pole in his hand.   So after we repaired the windlass yesterday he hopped in the dinghy and went fishing.   I made sure he took the handheld radio and wore a life jacket.  Those are 2 things he usually forgets.   Anyway, around 5:00 Simon and Yvonne came over and we were starting to enjoy an evening cocktail when we hear Brian calling us…. asking us where he is…. like we maybe have some type of homing device on him and can spot him anywhere.

Quickly realizing he was not joking we tried for landmarks… gee, trees and rocks and water.   Where is the sun?   Over there.   Then he says something about a couple of buildings.    Gar, Simon and I take off in our boat and Yvonne stays behind, which turned out to be a good thing because her radio worked better than ours.

On a hunch we head one direction but don’t see him, so turn and head another way.   We finally are able to hear him on the radio and he was asking where we were anchored.   I figured out that he was asking someone where Waddington was.   We thought maybe kayakers or something.   So, instead we made him find out where they were and we told him to sit tight and we would go to him.

When we saw him he came zooming over and Gar made him follow us back to Waddington.  Except he called on the radio again.  He had run out of gas.  Sheesh!

The whole thing was pretty funny.  He knew where the emergency kit in the dingy was, complete with flares, matches, raincoats so he would have survived.   But the funniest part was that it was a boat that helped out.   There were 2 oriental men in a pleasure boat that came up to him and asked where the good halibut fishing was.   They invited him on their boat and he actually got on it for awhile (don’t know why).   They never knew he was lost.   He just pretended he was out fishing and when he spotted us he said his friends had arrived and he had to go…

When we asked how he got so lost he said he was fishing, then saw a dolphin and followed it, then saw an eagle and followed it and the next thing he knew was there were a lot of trees and islands that looked alike.  He is now only allowed out on a leash.

Some may say why did we not give him the handheld gps to use?   Well, I had stored it in a very safe place.   So safe, I didn’t find it until today.

So now we are at Greenway Sound for the night.   Got a great story about that, but will post that later.


6 thoughts on “Lost at sea

  1. That Brian…he wasn’t lost, he’s so friendly he was just making new friends. Did he catch any fish? What’s the weather?

  2. Is that “Little Brian” ?

  3. I don’t know what happened to my response. I submitted one days ago. Maybe you didn’t like it and deleted it? Anyway, I was just trying to be funny. (Sort of).

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