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Anchors Away (or not!)


A couple of days ago when we were leaving Pott’s Lagoon we had a problem getting our anchor back up.   The windlass would quit on us like the motor overheated and would shut off.  It took quite awhile to get it up, but then we didn’t really think about it again.  Til yesterday.

When we left Echo Bay yesterday we went to Waddington Bay to check on Sandpiper.  They were having battery problems and we wanted to make sure things were fine.   They were safely anchored so we decided to do a separate anchoring with a stern tie to shore.   We sent Brian off to shore to get the stern line ready to bring back to us only to find out our anchor would not go down.   Not a spark of power.   We ended up rafting off of Sandpiper and thankfully theirs was strong enough to hold both boats, even with the gusting winds of up to 25 mph.

Gar, Brian and Simon are so talented.  They took the motor apart – did something to the brushes and some other things – and then Gar painted it pretty white over the rust.   After the paint dried, it was put back on and our anchor now works like a champ.    Boy, that sure could have been an interesting twist to our trip!


2 thoughts on “Anchors Away (or not!)

  1. Boy, can I ever sympathise with Brian. I can very clearly rermber when my “good freinds” left me stranded on a rock in Sydney Bay for 4 days. They said it was only 2 or 3 hours, but you know how they lie.

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