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Snug as a bug at Echo Bay

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Wow, have we had wind the last week.   None of us can remember so many days in a row of big winds, especially in the afternoons.   When I last posted, we were leaving Loughborough Inlet and heading for Forward Harbor.   Forward Harbor is the last good anchorage bay before making the trek up the Johnstone Straits and with the winds that we had been having (30-45 knots!) we need to get as early a start as possible to get up there.   Normally there is no time frame, but this year we have good friend Brian flying in to Lagoon Cove on Thurs the 15th, so we need to get there.

The day we anchored at Forward Harbor Gar and I took a dingy ride to the back and met the owners of the very rustic Forward Harbor Lodge.  77 year old Isabel owns it with her son..  She is there 7 months of the year and he is year round.  They bought the buildings in 2001 and are slowly getting things into shape.  It was fun meeting her. ( He was gone that day).  They are using mostly wind machines and solar for power with occasional help from their generator.   She reported up to 8 grizzlies in the area, but most are inland now eating berries.

Fortunately, we had pretty light winds on Wed morning.  We pulled out right behind Sandpiper at 5:30 a.m.and made it on and off the Johnstone’s in 2 hours, and tied up at the deserted Minstrel Island marina by 8:30 a.m.  It was a good morning.   The winds kicked up in the afternoon to the mid-30’s so we were glad to be tied up.

Had another interesting experience at Minstrel again this year.   There was this ‘boat’ tied up there –  many patches on it – and it turns out the owner “Mr. Cook” was living on it since his wife/girlfriend had kicked him out of wherever he had been living.   He probably hadn’t showered in weeks and kept his flask of liquid refreshment in his pocket.   And he was an expert on everything.  And don’t laugh around him because that means you are making fun of him.   And then he got sorta mad at us.   But then he would just go and pass out.   Gar and Simon have some good stories they might share later, but way to much info than what I want to put in a post.

Anyway, Brian arrived on Thursday, just as scheduled.   We spent a fun night at Minstrel then headed on Friday to what we call the Indian Village.   For the first time in over 25 years it was too windy to tie up to the pilings so we went to Potts Lagoon to anchor.   We had gusts as high as 25 mph while at anchor but were very safe in there.

Early Saturday before the winds kicked up we headed to the Indian Village and got tied up. Had a nice low tide at mid-day so Simon to Yvonne and me to the main beach for clamming and he went off and joined Gar and Brian at a different beach to clam.   Fortunately, Yvonne had taken her walkie talkie because pretty soon here comes a big black bear down the beach and we made Simon come and rescue us!   He said it was so small that he thought it was a raccoon, but trust me, it was not small!   Later that day Gar and Brian saw 2 more larger bears.  They like the Indian Village because there are lots of berries, some old fruit trees and all the clams.

Saturday night was our traditional garbage burning night and it was a doozie.   The tide was going out so Yvonne and I had to keep pushing out the dinghys or we would have been stranded on the beach for about 6 hours.

And did I mention the wind?   Every day!!!   It would die down about 9 p.m. and kick in again about 10 a.m.   It was sunny but cold because of the wind.   Kept praying for Anna’s Law (friend Anna decrees the winds to stop by 7 p.m.) but I guess that doesn’t work unless Anna is there.

Prawning has been great.   Crabbing not so great.  Clamming super great.   Just now starting to do some fishing.

We left this morning (Monday) for Pierre’s at Echo Bay, but first thing this morning we saw 2 bear on the beach again.   It was foggy/drizzly this morning which means no wind so that was really nice.

Anyway, so now you are caught up on our adventures.   We will only be here one night so we can show Brian more great places before he leaves next Saturday.

I will post this now, and try pictures later…   Gotta check emails now.


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