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Update from Cordero Lodge

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Saturday morning and waiting for the coffee to finish perking..   We are at Cordero Lodge ( in Desolation Sound.   This is the 22nd year we have been coming here to have wonderful food and enjoy the company of Doris and Rieinhardt Kuppers.   We swap stories long into the night.

We have had a great time since leaving Campbell River.   We made it to Von Donop Inlet as planned and spent 2 nights there.  Considering Canada Day long weekend, it was surprisingly not too packed.   We have a little nook that only one boat can fit in so stay there.  Simon and Yvonne in the Sandpiper were on the other side of the island in Squirrel Cove.   By land we could walk to each other, but by boat it was a few hours away.  Boat would be safer because there are wolves on the island and a pack of them chased friends of Simon and Yvonne’s into the water that week while walking the trail to Von Donop.   Pretty exciting!

The weather is improving alot.  Sun and more sun.   It rained a little Saturday night, but Sunday looked ok, so off we headed for Ramsey Arm.   Did a little bottom fishing along the way but no luck.  It was fairly breezy at Ramsey but got the prawn pots out and set anchor.   The next morning we moved to our old anchoring area due to wind and Sandpiper arrived.   The move was a good choice, but the sun turned itself up several notches, so no wind and hot sun made days of mid-80’s to high 80’s for 5 days.   Sure is nice to complain about sun and not rain.    We did some clamming, oystering, prawning and fishing but mostly just sat around and sweat.

Most things on the boat are working just great.   We were worried about our radar but it healed itself.   I guess the most excitement was Gar running out of gas in the dinghy and Simon claiming salvage rights when he towed him in.

Don’t know why but Gar’s hearing aid died so when we got cell phone cverage yesterday we called the hearing aid place and are making arrangements to have a temporary sent up next week.

On our last day at Ramsey 3 dolphins came in hunting for food.   A mommy, daddy and baby.   They stayed for quite a while… too cool.

Yesterday we reluctantly left Ramsey and headed for the Yaculta Rapids, Gillard rapids and Dent rapids to get to Cordero.   Thanks to our impecable planning we made it at slack tide so not a problem in the world.

So that pretty much updates you.   Yesterday got really windy and cloudy – looked like a threat of a thunderstorm but that cleared up last night.   This morning is sunny and calm.   Days won’t be as hot since we are further north.   We are moving on this morning and hope to be able to report lots of prawns by our next post.   That will be anywhere from a few days to possibly a week..

Simon and Yvonne clamming


Map showing Von Donop and Squirrel Cove


One thought on “Update from Cordero Lodge

  1. It sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. We enjoy hearing from you and looking at your pictures.


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