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More Random Pictures

Enjoying Pierre's Bay

Kim at sunset at Pierre's Bay

Just thought this was a funny picture

Hazzards on their balcony at Pierre's Bay

Inside the Hazzard's room


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No Room at the Inn at Port Hardy

Well, we got into Port Hardy a day ahead of schedule.  Yesterday (Tues) we left Roger, Karen and Kim at Echo Bay – hoping their Kenmore Air Flight would make it in to pick them up – fully intending to stay at Dickson Island and cross over to Port Hardy first thing this morning.   But right by Dickson we talked to friends in a 58′ Sonship, Five Foote Two, and they had just come down past Cape Caution and said it wasn’t too bad.   By now it is 1:00 p.m. and everyone knows not to cross the straits in the afternoon because the winds pick up, but off we go anyway.

Half way across we decide to call the Port Hardy Marina to reserve a moorage slip only to find out the marina was jam packed full.  No room at the inn.  Hmm – the water was pretty good so we didn’t want to turn around.  What to do, what to do.

We call our new Canadian friend Gord who owns a fuel dock just as you come in the bay.  He made calls and the marina was definitely full and our slip would not be available til today.  Nice man that he is, he let us tie up and stay on his dock last night.   We were there by 3:30, so filled up with fuel and had a nice dinner of crab, watched a movie and hit the sack.   This morning we needed to leave the fuel dock as a huge boat was coming in to fuel, so we called the marina and boats had left so we cruised all of about a mile to our spot in the harbor.   We were there all tied up and power plugged in by 9:00 a.m.

Just about then we got a call from Bill Bryant.   They had left Campbell River and were checking on wind conditions here as it was pretty windy where they were but they were chugging along at a good clip.   I am doing laundry at the laudromat here watching out over the bay and would not be surprised to see them at any time.

Word has it that the salmon are starting to really come in.   We’ve seen several really nice ones brought in here today.   I’m hinting that maybe next year we don’t go past Port Hardy and just do our salmon fishing here.   We’ll have to see how that goes over.

We sure were lucky when Brian and the Hazzards were with us.   Nice weather and lots of fun places to see and fun things to do.   The boat is sure quiet when it is just the two of us!!!  Guess we will have to make our own fun now.

Wifi spotty on the boat so if I post again it will be when I walk up to shore.

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Moving On

Tonight is our last night with Simon and Yvonne… Brian flew home Saturday.  Hazzard’s fly home tomorrow.  We will probably hit Port Hardy on Wednesday.   I have been doing constant weather and wind monitoring on the radio for conditions and predictions and it sounds good to head over on Wed morning.

We have had some gorgeous days here.  The morning fog has burned off early most days giving us great afternoons, but cool evenings.  Prawning was really sad today but it made for a lot of laughs.  I think in 3 pulls with 2 pots we got 12 prawns.  Could it be Garry is losing his touch??

Great prawning but not at Echo Bay

Kim - on vacation

Brian leaving us... bye bye

View of Pierre's at Echo Bay from the back side

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Nailed – two ways

When we were at Pierre’s Bay last week with Brian we saw a boat that we have heard many times called the Nordic Sun.  It is owned by Ron & Kathy Guttormsen.   They were leaving for Port McNeil with a medical situation that we heard all about when we got back yesterday.   Turns out Simon & Yvonne and the Hazzards know Ron & Kathy very well through Port Orchard Yacht Club.

Well, Ron & Kathy are selling their 50′ boat and building a place here at Echo Bay.   They had a friend up here helping and he somehow accidentally nail-gunned himself in the leg.   They wanted to put him on a plane to Seattle but he didn’t have a passport so they wouldn’t take him.   Seems as though you can use the enhanced driver’s license at border crossings, but the airlines are requiring passports.

Anyway, he had surgery and was hopping around the next day like nothing ever happened.  He even helped load supplies on the supply boat going back to Echo Bay.   Talk about one tough guy!

We walked over and looked at the house today…. it is all framed and some windows in, but no plumbing or wiring yet.  They have an incredible view and this morning were watching dolphins play out in the water right in front of them.

Then today there were a couple other nail stories.   Seems this boat going 25 mph nailed the infamous Browne Rock just at the end of Cramer Passage and did considerable damage to his very nice boat.   He limped into Pierre’s where a diver confirmed the substantial damage.   Then about an hour later more friends of Simon & Yvonne’s from Port Orchard on the Troublemaker (Gene and Nancy Neill) hit and nailed the same rock.   They now need one new prop and a strut straightened.   It was a busy day for the diver, but not a fun one for some boaters.


Simon – crab virgin no more

Curly is the one on the right

OK – there is something wrong with the fact that Simon, at his advanced age, has never caught a crab.   What age might that be?   Well, I don’t know but it is more than Yvonne, but lots less than Garry.

Anyway, he enjoyed prawning so much the last few years that this year he bought a crab pot.   Crabbing spots have been fairly scarce where we have been staying to until we got to Claydon Bay he had no luck.  All of that changed at Claydon where he actually got more crab than Garry.   On top of that all Garry’s were girls and all Simon’s were boys.   Man, has he been gloating!

Simon, being Simon, named some of his favorite crabs.   The best were Larry, Curly and Moe.   Curly was the fiesty one.   There was also a Shemp.  I didn’t know that there was a 4th Stooge but he swears Shemp came along after one of the originals died.

We made sure that Simon had Curly for his crab appetizer the other night.   Even put his name on the crab cocktail cup.

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Using your “head”

Note:  this post was written several days ago but the internet went down… I will post more current stuff later today or tomorrow.


Hi, from Greenway Sound Marina.  Check it out…  The new owner is Trip Rumburger, former UW Husky football player from the ’70’s.  He went to the Rose Bowl when Warren Moon was QB.

Anyway, we hadn’t been here in years and Simon and Yvonne never, so we decided to come in.  Trip and crew are super friendly and in no time the guys found out that Trip’s macerator on his head on his boat was broken and he didn’t know quite what he was going to do.   Next thing you know they are down there tearing into it.   They ended up not only fixing that, but his bilge pump too.  We all got dinner, dessert and drinks compd last night as a result.

Dinner was great but the golf afterward was the best for Garry.   They have a deal here  where you try to hit a floating golf ball into a raft that is anchored out a ways.  If you get it in, you get free moorage.   There was a group of 4 men from Bellevue that challenged Gar to who can get closest.   They were all serious golfers and Gar won!   First golf game he has ever won.  Pretty funn.

Good friends, Roger, Karen and Kim Hazzard fly in today to Sullivan Bay where we will pick them up and head off to anchor somewhere for a couple days, then back here Saturday where Brian will fly out of to head home.  We woke up this morning to bright sun, so it should be a great day.


Lost at sea

One would think that our little anchoring challenge at Waddington Bay (see previous post) would be enough excitement for one day, but no!   Not for us!  You see, we have a guest on board.   And as smart as Brian is we have quickly learned he has a lot of learning to do before he becomes a true boater.

Brian loves to fish.  Every time I turn around he has a pole in his hand.   So after we repaired the windlass yesterday he hopped in the dinghy and went fishing.   I made sure he took the handheld radio and wore a life jacket.  Those are 2 things he usually forgets.   Anyway, around 5:00 Simon and Yvonne came over and we were starting to enjoy an evening cocktail when we hear Brian calling us…. asking us where he is…. like we maybe have some type of homing device on him and can spot him anywhere.

Quickly realizing he was not joking we tried for landmarks… gee, trees and rocks and water.   Where is the sun?   Over there.   Then he says something about a couple of buildings.    Gar, Simon and I take off in our boat and Yvonne stays behind, which turned out to be a good thing because her radio worked better than ours.

On a hunch we head one direction but don’t see him, so turn and head another way.   We finally are able to hear him on the radio and he was asking where we were anchored.   I figured out that he was asking someone where Waddington was.   We thought maybe kayakers or something.   So, instead we made him find out where they were and we told him to sit tight and we would go to him.

When we saw him he came zooming over and Gar made him follow us back to Waddington.  Except he called on the radio again.  He had run out of gas.  Sheesh!

The whole thing was pretty funny.  He knew where the emergency kit in the dingy was, complete with flares, matches, raincoats so he would have survived.   But the funniest part was that it was a boat that helped out.   There were 2 oriental men in a pleasure boat that came up to him and asked where the good halibut fishing was.   They invited him on their boat and he actually got on it for awhile (don’t know why).   They never knew he was lost.   He just pretended he was out fishing and when he spotted us he said his friends had arrived and he had to go…

When we asked how he got so lost he said he was fishing, then saw a dolphin and followed it, then saw an eagle and followed it and the next thing he knew was there were a lot of trees and islands that looked alike.  He is now only allowed out on a leash.

Some may say why did we not give him the handheld gps to use?   Well, I had stored it in a very safe place.   So safe, I didn’t find it until today.

So now we are at Greenway Sound for the night.   Got a great story about that, but will post that later.