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Packing… packing… packing


It seems like we have been packing and putting things away on the boat for weeks… Oh, wait!  We have been.   First I had to inventory everything on the boat, then make lists and more lists of what we need for 6 weeks on the boat  and what needs to be done at home.     We had a bad news/good news situation last week.   Our new props finally came in so Gar had to take the boat back to Delta Marine for a second haul out to put the props on.   Well, on the way there while he was raising the radar arch, the motor that runs the arch died.    That’s the bad news because that means we can’t get our boat back in our slip.   That turns out to be the good news.   We’ve had the boat at the yacht club dock since last Wednesday, so is has been lots easier to make the thousands of trips back and forth to load it without having to go through the hassle of the construction at our end of the marina.

So, finally, tomorrow morning is departure time.   And I think it will happen in spite of  (or is it despite) what Gar did today.    I came home from the 900th trip to Costco with his special pepperoni and he smiles and wants to know if I’ve had a good day and am I in a good mood….  I immediately get suspicious.   Turns out rightly so.   You see, there has been this boat that the marina repossessed due to delinquent moorage and they talked Gar into buying it.  For a whopping $500.   Oh, gee… the day before we leave we now own a 1970-something 24′ Sabreliner.   Joy of joys.   Word has it that it runs great if it had a battery.   I guess that plan is to fix it up and sell it.   Right.    So, this afternoon with much help from son-in-law Jason and almost son Brian, they towed it into our slip.   It fit just fine with room for another boat or two next to it.

We almost forgot the kayak!   I was up on the bridge wondering why there was so much room when I realized the kayak was still back in our slip, so I grabbed a life jacket and my paddle; walked down and kayaked back.   I guess that means my vacation started today.

Our friends Simon and Yvonne on the Sandpiper left Monday morning and are in Ganges, B.C.  tonight.  They are reporting really good water, not alot of boats yet, and cool nights.    We will be meeting up with them in Desolation Sound and start our clamming, fishing, prawning and oystering.   Crabbing will come later.

Brian is going to come up and join us for 9 days later in July and BFF Karen, hubby Roger, and daughter Kim will be with us for 5 days in July too.   We’ve put in requests for good weather and lots of fun for them.

So, tonight is leftovers and take out the garbage.  Do one last load of laundry.   Mail is stopped.   Garbage is stopped.   Sprinkler is set.  Bills are paid.   Wow!   We might just make it.  Only 1 thing left on the list.. I hope.

So look out Desolation and Broughton Islands!   Here we come!!!


2 thoughts on “Packing… packing… packing

  1. Have a safe and fun trip !! We’ll see you up there soon ! Let us know what you run out of and we’ll bring it ! (As long as it fits into the 24 lbs 🙂 )

  2. I’m looking forward to reading about your boat trip.

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