Mar and Gar's Adventures

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Guess the stories


Quickly posting some pictures with no explanation.   You guess and when we get home I will write the story behind the pictures.  


3 thoughts on “Guess the stories

  1. Mar needed a dose of Vit D so she took a quick snooze while Gar went hunting for goats. When he ignored the sign their camper was confiscated by some redneck hillbillies who locked them in the barn and tortured them by waving snakes in their faces. When Gar offered them some moonshine, they let him go but Mar had to walk across red hot coals before she could return to domestic bliss in the motorhome!!

  2. A group of evil beings who adopt animal characteristics and frolic about (no Goat hunting) reside in the Red Mansion next to the Lead Goat’s palace (seen reclining in the palace). As part of their evil practices they need a Maiden (innocently minding her own business in the meadow), a snake and fire.

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