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Packing… packing… packing

It seems like we have been packing and putting things away on the boat for weeks… Oh, wait!  We have been.   First I had to inventory everything on the boat, then make lists and more lists of what we need for 6 weeks on the boat  and what needs to be done at home.     We had a bad news/good news situation last week.   Our new props finally came in so Gar had to take the boat back to Delta Marine for a second haul out to put the props on.   Well, on the way there while he was raising the radar arch, the motor that runs the arch died.    That’s the bad news because that means we can’t get our boat back in our slip.   That turns out to be the good news.   We’ve had the boat at the yacht club dock since last Wednesday, so is has been lots easier to make the thousands of trips back and forth to load it without having to go through the hassle of the construction at our end of the marina.

So, finally, tomorrow morning is departure time.   And I think it will happen in spite of  (or is it despite) what Gar did today.    I came home from the 900th trip to Costco with his special pepperoni and he smiles and wants to know if I’ve had a good day and am I in a good mood….  I immediately get suspicious.   Turns out rightly so.   You see, there has been this boat that the marina repossessed due to delinquent moorage and they talked Gar into buying it.  For a whopping $500.   Oh, gee… the day before we leave we now own a 1970-something 24′ Sabreliner.   Joy of joys.   Word has it that it runs great if it had a battery.   I guess that plan is to fix it up and sell it.   Right.    So, this afternoon with much help from son-in-law Jason and almost son Brian, they towed it into our slip.   It fit just fine with room for another boat or two next to it.

We almost forgot the kayak!   I was up on the bridge wondering why there was so much room when I realized the kayak was still back in our slip, so I grabbed a life jacket and my paddle; walked down and kayaked back.   I guess that means my vacation started today.

Our friends Simon and Yvonne on the Sandpiper left Monday morning and are in Ganges, B.C.  tonight.  They are reporting really good water, not alot of boats yet, and cool nights.    We will be meeting up with them in Desolation Sound and start our clamming, fishing, prawning and oystering.   Crabbing will come later.

Brian is going to come up and join us for 9 days later in July and BFF Karen, hubby Roger, and daughter Kim will be with us for 5 days in July too.   We’ve put in requests for good weather and lots of fun for them.

So, tonight is leftovers and take out the garbage.  Do one last load of laundry.   Mail is stopped.   Garbage is stopped.   Sprinkler is set.  Bills are paid.   Wow!   We might just make it.  Only 1 thing left on the list.. I hope.

So look out Desolation and Broughton Islands!   Here we come!!!


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Home again

Well, we made it safely home and gotta say – it was a great trip!   I’ll get into the picture stuff as I recap the last couple days of the trip.   Too bad the reality is not as funny as the guesses, but I sure love your interpretations!

I think I left off while we were at the KOA, just north of Crescent City.  It was an OK park, but really full.  Of course, the next morning just a couple miles down the road was a perfect RV park, but you just never know..   Gar decided I should try driving a while before we started the winding roa

d over the passes to Redding so I took my first time behind the wheel.   Of course we had forgotten that immediately we would be climbing and winding our way through the redwoods toward Eureka so I had a pretty tight grip on the wheel.   It actually is very easy to drive.   I had called Costco in Redding to see if they were open on Memorial Day since that was going to be a major stop for us.   Found out they would be closed, so we changed our route and decided to take Highway 96, The Redwood Scenic Highway, toward Yreka instead.   Hwy 96 goes right along the Klamath River and the entire drive was gorgeous.     I learned not to program the gps for shortest route, but fastest, because the very persistent lady on the gps kept trying to get us to turn off onto dirt roads that were a more direct route, but not safe roads to be on in a motorhome.    She (the gps lady) and I had many a discussi

on and I made sure Garry ignored her and listened to me!

If you ever get a chance to drive Hwy 96, do it!   It is just beautiful.  It was Sunday on a 3 day weekend so there was virtually no traffic.   We stopped several times just to sit and watch the river.  PICTURE EXPLANATION:  one of these stops is the picture where I’m sitting in wildflowers and communing with nature. Toward the end the day we took a chance and listened to Ms. GPS and took a turn onto what turned out to be the OLD highway.   It had deteriorated in places down do one lumpy lane and once a car had to back up and let us through, but it was on the opposite side of the river from the main highway and just as gorgeous.   PICTURE EXPLANATION:  Just as we were making the turn to go across a bridge to get back on the main highway I saw the do not shoot the goat sign.   Just had to have a picture.  The Garry pointed out to me the little white goat out in the field.   In a second picture you can almost make him out.  Still don’t know why they needed the sign.  Ma

ybe there used to be lots of goats in that field.

There were very few RV parks on this road and they all looked kinda scary so we were talking about dry camping on one of the river access pullouts, then spotted a park on the river.   We pulled up to the entrance and this guy came out to talk.   Well, we found out this is still a gold mining area and we were welcome for one night.   He was a little spooky and I started hearing the music from Deliverance in my mind so we decided to keep on heading down the road.    PICTURE EXPLAN

ATION:  Gar found the Klamath River Community Center and talked me into dry camping there.  While we were discussing advisability of that – OK, I was discussing –  a pick up drove up with a man and woman and 2 rifles.   Turns out the Community Club is also a shooting range.   Anyway, they were nice and said they didn’t see a problem with us staying there.

After our 2 new friends left Gar scouted around and found their outside power outlets, so we plugged in.    I like that type of dry camping!

PICTURE EXPLANATION:  We had just settled in nicely when a couple motorcycles and a truck stopped on the road behind us and that darn music from Deliverance started up again.   We got brave and took a peak.   Turns out one of them had seen this h

uge snake crossing the road and decided to stop and spend quality time with it.   No one was real sure what type of snake it was.   Every time they put it down it headed toward or little RV so finally it was tossed up into the hill across the street.

We had seen several motorcyles and our two rifle friends had warned us it might be pretty noisy because just across the river from us in a big field there would be up to 2000 cyclists camping and partying.   No biggie – they were on the other side.   Our guess is that there were several hundred but nowhere near 2000.  They did have a live band though.   We got to hear it some when Gar built his bonfire for the night.  PICTURE EXPLANATION:   Gar’s goal is to have a bonfire every where we stop, but there were permits needed in most areas.   Fortunately, we were told we could use the Club’s approved pit.

Monday morning Gar hopped in the shower and was just getting wet when we ran out of water.   Oh, the foul language.  I laughed.  So he got dressed and went out and scouted around and found the Community Clubs water and put some

in the RV and finished showering.   Then it was my turn.  Well he didn’t put enough in and I was in the shower with shampoo in my hair and we ran out again!   He laughed.   Then I made him finish rinsing my hair with the big water jug we were using for coffee and drinking, forgetting how cold that would be.   He laughed harder….

Then off we head to Yreka…   We had a few purchases to make for ourselves and friends.   No need to go into details here.   We just helped the California economy is all I will say… Then we headed for Oregon and toward home.   We again lucked out on traffic which was amazing since it was Monday.    We stopped at a very nice RV park in Coburg Oregon.   Way above our norm.   They deliver the paper to your rv every morning and have a continental breakfast in the morning in their lounge area.  PICTURE EXPLANATION:   This is where Gar tested out the new drink holder for coffee in the morning or anything else that works.

We headed  home Tuesday morning and pulled into our pla

ce after putting 1,326.2 miles on our rv.    It ran great and is going to be alot of fun down the road… Down the road…. get it???!!!!