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Heading down 101


Wow, we have been super lazy on this trip and not leaving anywhere before 10 in the morning.   This day we skipped breakfast and decided to do a brunch type meal after we hit the road.   Then along came a casino at Coos Bay.   They have good food, right???   We’d better stop.  Well, they do have good food.   And a glass of champagne to go with it.    So then we had better win back what we spent on breakfast by playing a little 21.   Oops…  not such a good idea.   It got to be a little bit pricier breakfast.    Then we go out to the motorhome where we have left the headlights on and had a dead batter.    Is this all a sign of what the day would be like???   Never fear.   Gar gets out the portable generator and the battery charger and in about 5 minutes we are rarin’ to go.

The weather on Saturday was perfect.   Sunny and windy on the coast.   And believe it or not there wasn’t much traffic.   We stopped in Bandon for gas ($2.93 a gallon) then started looking for a place to stay.   The goal was somewhere between Bandon and Crescent City, Ca.   We got to Brookings and went down toward the marina where there were a  couple RV parks and found a car show and bands and all sorts of goodies at the annual azalea festival.   The local yacht club was running the hamburger bbq.   We checked it all out but were not too thrilled with the RV choices so hit the road and crossed into California.

After scoping out a couple not so nice parks we ended up at a KOA just before Crescent City.   Got one of the last spots for the night and had a fun time texting pics back and forth to Theresa.   She and Jason were at Dale and Christy’s with a bunch of people, celebrating Jason’s birthday and having a bbq.

Last night was an early night.   Our goal is to leave earlier today and maybe make it to Redding tonight.   We’ll see!

Car show in Brookings

'67 Camaro

Where are all the customers?


2 thoughts on “Heading down 101

  1. Stop complaining about the price of gas. We just returned from Spain & France. Diesel in France was 1.54 Euro per liter, in Spain a little better, 1.25 Euro per liter. Don’t fprget to stop at Costco in Redding for great price’s on B****E. Have FUN and drive careful on those narrow bridges!

    Howard & Tanya

    • Not complaining… just observing (and buying in Oregon not Calif, if possible). Actually, found a new shopping place in Yreka. Will tell you later! Good fun. Home today.

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