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What? Not boating?


Wow, this is really strange, but for the first time in years we are not boating on the Memorial Day weekend.  Instead we decided to take the motorhome on a little trip down the Oregon coast, then a little of California and then back home.   That is turning out to be a good choice when we talked to our boater buddies back home.   We are having much nicer weather in Oregon.

We got off on our adventure on Thursday at 2:00 p.m. and after a WalMart stop in Chehalis made it to Seaside for the night.   Couldn’t find a RV park with any vacancies for awhile, but finally found an unadvertised one behind a gas station, next to their fuel tanks.   Not full hook-ups but actually pretty darn nice.   It was a total of 188 miles.   Had baby backs and beans for dinner.   Cribbage and champagne for dessert…

We fueled up Friday morning at $2.77 a gallon then took off down Hwy 101.  Had many stops along the way at garage sales and flea markets looking for an ax to chop our campfire wood.   Had lunch in Tillamook, then stopped for the night at a great RV park in Lakeside, right on Ten Mile Lake.  Nice and sunny!

No trip of ours is complete without some type of happening.   The first one was when we were crossing a very narrow bridge and a very very large truck was coming at us.   Heard a bunch of screeching of metal.  We just figured we got close to the side and had left  out our step.   So we pulled over at a nice viewpoint and not only did we scrape the the step but we also got the tailpipe and sheered off all the decorative lug nuts on the rear tire.   Oops!

The next almost boo-boo was when we went around a tight turn a little fast and the open (but corked) bottle of red wine came flying out of a cabinet.   But luck was on our side.   It landed on its side in the kitchen sink with nary a crack in the bottle.   That became the new home for it the rest of the day.

Don’t know where we will end up tonight.   But I’m sure it will be fun.

First night in Seaside


Marina at Ten Mile Lake - North Lake RV Park

Night 2 at North Lake RV Park

Stopped for a little break


2 thoughts on “What? Not boating?

  1. As I’ve said before, I always enjoy reading about your trips.

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