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What’s a person to do with all these ways to communicate?   I have the last bit of the Neah Bay trip to put on the blog, but there are all these other ways to communicate.   Not everyone sees the blog and there is no fast and easy way to post multiple pictures,  so I post quickly on Facebook as an interim tool, but not everyone is on Facebook – however there is a nifty link from Picasa web albums to Facebook so I can show pictures easily.  But should I post on my Facebook only?  What about the DMYC page?    Then there is email.   That’s the first place I send the Picasa web album of pictures to, but no real narrative.   Every once in awhile I talk to someone on the phone about the trip, but no pictures for them.    Of course this means that some people see the pictures and hear bits and pieces of the adventures multiple times and ways and some people never hear.   This all makes me think most people get tired of it and simply tune it out.   Who knows.

Anyway, Saturday night was a very early night in Neah Bay.   Because of the tides and currents there was no need to leave super early so we had a leisurely morning on Sunday, then headed to the fuel dock, then pointed toward home with the intent of staying in either Port Townsend or Port Ludlow Sunday night and get home Monday sometime.

We put on 435 gallons of diesel at $2.77 a gallon.   We filled to the brim because fuel at Des Moines is $3.06.   That is alot of savings!   A few showers started out the morning but the weather got progressively better as we headed east.   The first several hours were with a following sea and slow large swells but no wind so it was really easy going.   The further we went the better the water got, so we decided to just keep on heading for home knowing it would be late when we got there.    Just past Port Townsend we began running into cruise ships that had departed Seattle for Alaska.   First was Norwegian Cruise Line – 5 minutes later was Princess – and last was Holland America.   Must have been dinner time because hardly a sole was out strolling in the sunshine.  Either that or they were ghost ships.   And when we started thinking about it we saw hardly a boat the entire way from Port Townsend to Des Moines.   The weather was great, the water perfect and not a boat in sight.   We were wondering if we had missed something   –  like some aliens had plucked everyone up and sent them to another planet.

We ended up getting home at 10:00… it was pretty darn dark but we knew where we were so other than hoping there were no logs we had no problems at all.    Walked home and hit the sack!   So we left Neah Bay at 10:30 and got home at 10:00.   Not bad considering we were fighting the current for the first 7 1/2 hours.    All in all a very successful and fun fishing adventure.

Just a few of the vacuum packed fish

Princess Cruise Lines

Holland America breathing down our neck

Sunset while passing Seattle


3 thoughts on “Blog?Facebook?Email?Phone??

  1. I really enjoy your pictures and reading about your activities.


  2. This way of communicating works best for me as I don’t have Facebook, Twitter, Tweeter, Ghostbusters or anything like that. Sure looks good with the photos. Now we can all live vicariously with you two leading the way.
    Love from Mom

  3. Diesel in Ecuador is $1.04 per gallon, filled the car in France today and here its 1.34 Euros a liter, what the hell, diesel is diesel, why the big difference in price. The weather is great here, 30 dregrees to day. Will go back to Barcelona in a couple of days and then home to Seattle.
    Howard & Tanya

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