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Wrap Up again


Just figured out the wifi works good when the Marina office opens at 7:00 and they must boost their power.   Everyone left yesterday except Wayne & Peggy up at the rv park and us.   Had leftover steak dinner

When I left off it was Friday at breakfast.   Well, the guys didn’t head out bottom fishing until 11:30 and only stayed out 2 hours.   They just weren’t in the mood.   I think it had something to do with the night before.   Just as they got in they head Gar’s nephew Dennis calling the Coast Guard.   His engine had quit and was trying to get some help.    Between Coast Guard and cell phones when the would work it pretty much sounded like his coil had gone out.  We were really hoping there was a boat in the area that would tow him in since our boat would have taken about 1 1/2 hours to get to him.   Luckily Mustang Sally, a 32 Bayliner, brought him safely home.    While all that was going on we were up at the motorhomes vacuum packing fish and getting the steak bbq ready.

Our good customer from Port Angeles (Ward) brought oysters and steamer clams for appetizers and between that and the great food and plentiful beverages it was quite the night.   Needless to say, 5:00 a.m. came way to early on Saturday for the last day of fishing!

About 11:00 I was talking to Theresa on the cell phone when I looked out and saw the cruise ship my mom was on.   She and friend Claire had been on a 3 week Panama Canal cruise that was  heading to Vancouver, B.C.  I hung up and called mom and told her I was waving… Don’t understand why she couldn’t see me! I was only several miles away.

Then just a few minutes later I got a text from Jason that they had limited (11 people on board!) and were heading in.   Wow!  Of course they are 3 1/2 hours out, but this was still great news.

We were really lucky to get in early and not have the long line at the fish cleaning station.   They only waited about 15 minutes til their turn.   The night before the cleaners were still at work at 11:30 p.m.   Anyway, as soon as we could we took everything up to vacuum pack so people could take their fish home.

The catch Saturday was at least twice as big fish.   There were at least 4 in the 50 pound range and probably nothing smaller than 30, plus a couple really nice ling cod.  Wayne maybe got the largest fish, but they are not sure so I guess there is no official winner of the poll but I may make it Wayne.  Garry said it was the best water he had ever had out there on the ocean.   Let me tell you, everyone was happy.

Here are a few pictures of the last couple days.  OK, just a couple… we’re starting engines and heading to the fuel dock.   I’ll post more when we get home tomorrow.

A few of the Saturday catch

Vacuum packing time


2 thoughts on “Wrap Up again

  1. I haven’t seen pictures of 50 pound fish in a long time. I’m glad that Dennis got into shore okay.


  2. Just love these travelogues! Glad to hear the boat limited and everyone came back safe. Thanks for the entertainment.

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