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Neah Bay update


I had a great drive out on Thursday to Neah Bay.  Safely driving the speed limts in Jason’s truck I made it in 4 hours 45 minutes,  and about 1/2 hour for breaks I arrived at 2:00 p.m.   The weather looked out on the water.

View crossing Hood Canal bridge

The guys were still out fishing when I got there.  As it turned out there were only 10 on the boat.  Little Brian was unable to take time off and Uncle Rich can’t come until late Fri night for the Saturday trip.

Jason texted me when they started heading in, so I was prepared to greet them.   They had a great day out on the water, thank goodness.   They limited in halibut, but not ling cod.  None of the fish were real large, but so far Duane has the largest (about 30 pounds) and Dale the smallest (too embarrasing to say, but they named it Bambi because it was a baby).   Gar’s nephew Dennis was there with his boat and a friend of Dennis’ brought a boat.   I don’t think they limited but Dennis caught a nice one.   I would say about 40-45 pounds.   The largest for the day that the marina knew of was 68 pounds.

People always want to know if anyone got seasick… well, you might think it would be Duane since he isn’t quite as seasoned at this, but no, it was Wayne!  Not too sure why but he didn’t do too hot til later in the day…   The only other incident of note is that Gar hurt his bad shoulder again harpooning a halibut.   They were talking amputation but decided against it for now.

Now the fun begins…. they need to either clean the fish or go to the fish cleaning dock and stand in line.   An hour earlier and there would have been not wait but so many boats came in at once that Jason, Dale, and Brian stood in line for 4 1/2 hours to get the fish cleaned.   We would take them beverages to keep their energy up!

Jason and Duane with one of several nice fishies

Fish cleaning

Needless to say it was pretty late by dinner time.  But the fish and chips were awesome!  I never thought we would eat it all but we pretty much did.

We crashed about 11:00 last night and had a leisurely morning cleaning the boat, etc., while Dale and Brian cooked a low fat/low calorie breakfast.  Well, not so low, but sure good.   I left for the motorhome and they pulled out about 11:30 to go bottom fishing at Tatoosh.   They plan is to bbq at the motorhomes tonight and maybe vacuum pack some of the fish.

Here are a few more pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

Early on the water

Jason hard at work

Wayne chumming

Mar bagging fish


3 thoughts on “Neah Bay update

  1. Look’s like a good time and weather is good.. Enjoy the moment. Thanks for the great up date.

  2. My money was on Duane! I knew he could do it !! Poor Wayne ….. give him a big “feel better” hug for me!!!

  3. I’m enjoying reading about this trip. The pictures are great, too.

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