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Report from the Half & Half


Short update for you all…   I was up yesterday morning at 3:30 to see the guys off to Neah Bay on the boat.   It’s sort of a tradition that I get dressed and go down to start the coffee and help cast off the lines and send them on their way.   They pulled out of Des Moines at 5:03 a.m. just as it was starting to get enough daylight to travel.   Winds were calm.   Jason and Duane stayed on the boat Monday night but there was no sign of Duane in the morning so he must have been sleeping in and conserving his strength for fishing.

I had a couple reports along the way.   The first one was by Port Townsend before noon.   For some reason when our boat travels through that area it gets interesting.   For the second time recently the Navy and Coast Guard were escorting a submarine out of the area so Gar had a few conversations on the VHF radio as they reminded him of the required distance to stay away.  Every time he changed course to go where he needed to go they changed theirs.   Maybe they were going fishing too?   The picture I’m posting is from 2007 when we were in the same predicament.

Staying at least 1000 yards away

I didn’t hear again from the boat until about 4:45 p.m.   Gar called me to say they had skipped Port Angeles and  were about 15 miles from Neah Bay.  They had been in about 30 miles of nasty water and if Gar says that, it must have been pretty bad.   It is the afternoon conditions common in the Straits of wind and current.   Once again he said never again would he do the last stretch in the afternoon.   Hmmm… I’ve heard that before.

Once in Neah Bay only Verizon phones work so communication is via Jason or Duane’s cell phones.   They called to ask me where I put the chicken enchilada casserole.   They were tied up in port, having a beverage and going to fix dinner and they I would guess a very early night.

Dale and Brian left about 7:30 last night in the motorhome, so they probably got in there way after midnight.

I imagine I will hear updates today of what the trip really was like yesterday, so will pass that on as I hear things.

Half & Half on Neah Bay fishing trip in 2007


3 thoughts on “Report from the Half & Half

  1. Your reports are excellent! Keep writing.


  2. Just tell the Navy you know Mark. LOL
    Do that and they might launch a torpedo.

  3. Thanks for keeping us posted. Talk to Troy last night and he said his vote is for Garry. So 1 for Garry.

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