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For those of you who don’t really know how we tend to get ready for adventures like this fishing trip to Neah Bay I have two words:  organized chaos.   This trip not only includes getting the boat ready and the motorhome ready, but we also had Garry’s birthday on Friday;  yacht club festivities on Saturday, including a dinner and dance; and Mother’s Day yesterday.   The boat is basically ready to go, with just a little left to load on it, but there has been a glitch with the motorhome.   Last week Garry replaced the U-joints and whatever that all entailed.   Something about the drive-line, too.   Anyway, since he got everything back on the little rumble turned into a load rumble/grind so as of this morning the drive-line is in the shop and the motorhome up on blocks.   Supposedly it will be done around 2:00 p.m. today, but then it all has to be put back on and in the meantime the motorhome can’t be moved for fueling and propane-filling.

I consider today the official beginning of the trip because Jason’s dad, Duane, flew in from Nebraska this morning, so he started it all.   He safely arrived with his 50.5 pounds of checked luggage (whew!  squeeked by!) and some homemade banana bread and cookies from Jackie.  Yummmy.   Duane and Jason are off getting fishing licenses and then will probably be helping with the motorhome this afternoon.   Tonight we are having dinner at Theresa and Jason’s house, then hurrying home to finish loading things.   Or if things go poorly this afternoon, the dinner might end up at our house.   We’re trying to be flexible and have a good sense of humor about it all.   The humor part may come in a few days..

Now comes the complicated part.   And remember… this is for only two days of fishing – the 13th and 15th – and the limit is one fish per person per day.

Tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. the boat leaves Des Moines.   On board are Garry, Jason and Duane.  At a cruising speed of 10 knots,  it is about 13 hours by boat (130-ish nautical miles or so) to Neah Bay.   The guys will probably only get as far as Port Angeles on Tuesday but if the water is good they will try to make Neah Bay.   The problem is that the winds usually get pretty bad in the Straits of Juan de Fuca in the afternoon so if they push on, the last 3 hours or so could be pretty bumpy.   Assuming they stay in Port Angeles, they would leave pretty early Wed morning for Neah Bay – again, because of winds, but also currents later in the day that would slow them down.  They could go faster but the difference between 10 knots and 14 knots is 20 gallons of fuel per hour versus 10 gallons of fuel per hour.  No brainer at diesel about $3.25 a gallon.

Chart showing length of trip from Des Moines to Neah Bay

Continuing on, also on Tuesday David and Don Barrie leave in David’s motorhome- heading straight for Neah Bay.   Assuming our motorhome is ready to rock and roll, Brian and Little Brian will take it Tuesday night or early Wed morning.   Dan and Uncle Rich will head out Wed night, I think.   Wayne and Peggy will take their 5th wheel on Wednesday.   Dale and customers will arrive on Wednesday.

On Thursday I will drive out with Jason’s truck, hopefully to be there about the time they get in from fishing.   I stay on the boat at night, but get up early and head to the motorhome to go back to bed while they all head out fishing.   Sorry, but I just can’t boat out on the ocean.   They got out about 40 miles and I would be seasick just about 10 minutes after leaving and sick all day til we got back, so staying on shore is just fine with me!    Amazing, but I don’t get seasick when we boat in the summer but that is more protected waters and the ocean has these rollers that just get my tummy going totally the wrong way.   Since those who succumb are razzed forever, I’d rather it be one of the guys and not me.

If you did a google map satellite version and looked at the Neah Bay area you get a nice feel for where they will be.  Zoom way out and you can see the entire route, or zoom in close and see more of the contours of the land and water.

I will be posting off and on during the trip as there is wifi at Neah Bay so be sure to check occasionally for updates.


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