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Halibut Fishing Is Almost Here


The guys are heading to Neah Bay for 2 days of halibut fishing…. May 13 & 15.  One fish limit per person per day.   Let’s have some fun with this.


3 thoughts on “Halibut Fishing Is Almost Here

  1. Had to vote for Duane simply because of the pathetic size fish he caught last time he was out… and because it will be Murphy’s Law of something trying to figure out how to pack his world record halibut on a plane back to Nebraska!

  2. Duane has the vote here. Oh, and he has it figure out as how he can bring home the fish. So he is ready for the big one this year!

  3. Wow… Duane is really getting the votes. Just heard that a 225 pound halibut was caught about 70 miles east of Neah Bay on Saturday.. sounds promising.

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