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Heading down 101

Wow, we have been super lazy on this trip and not leaving anywhere before 10 in the morning.   This day we skipped breakfast and decided to do a brunch type meal after we hit the road.   Then along came a casino at Coos Bay.   They have good food, right???   We’d better stop.  Well, they do have good food.   And a glass of champagne to go with it.    So then we had better win back what we spent on breakfast by playing a little 21.   Oops…  not such a good idea.   It got to be a little bit pricier breakfast.    Then we go out to the motorhome where we have left the headlights on and had a dead batter.    Is this all a sign of what the day would be like???   Never fear.   Gar gets out the portable generator and the battery charger and in about 5 minutes we are rarin’ to go.

The weather on Saturday was perfect.   Sunny and windy on the coast.   And believe it or not there wasn’t much traffic.   We stopped in Bandon for gas ($2.93 a gallon) then started looking for a place to stay.   The goal was somewhere between Bandon and Crescent City, Ca.   We got to Brookings and went down toward the marina where there were a  couple RV parks and found a car show and bands and all sorts of goodies at the annual azalea festival.   The local yacht club was running the hamburger bbq.   We checked it all out but were not too thrilled with the RV choices so hit the road and crossed into California.

After scoping out a couple not so nice parks we ended up at a KOA just before Crescent City.   Got one of the last spots for the night and had a fun time texting pics back and forth to Theresa.   She and Jason were at Dale and Christy’s with a bunch of people, celebrating Jason’s birthday and having a bbq.

Last night was an early night.   Our goal is to leave earlier today and maybe make it to Redding tonight.   We’ll see!

Car show in Brookings

'67 Camaro

Where are all the customers?



What? Not boating?

Wow, this is really strange, but for the first time in years we are not boating on the Memorial Day weekend.  Instead we decided to take the motorhome on a little trip down the Oregon coast, then a little of California and then back home.   That is turning out to be a good choice when we talked to our boater buddies back home.   We are having much nicer weather in Oregon.

We got off on our adventure on Thursday at 2:00 p.m. and after a WalMart stop in Chehalis made it to Seaside for the night.   Couldn’t find a RV park with any vacancies for awhile, but finally found an unadvertised one behind a gas station, next to their fuel tanks.   Not full hook-ups but actually pretty darn nice.   It was a total of 188 miles.   Had baby backs and beans for dinner.   Cribbage and champagne for dessert…

We fueled up Friday morning at $2.77 a gallon then took off down Hwy 101.  Had many stops along the way at garage sales and flea markets looking for an ax to chop our campfire wood.   Had lunch in Tillamook, then stopped for the night at a great RV park in Lakeside, right on Ten Mile Lake.  Nice and sunny!

No trip of ours is complete without some type of happening.   The first one was when we were crossing a very narrow bridge and a very very large truck was coming at us.   Heard a bunch of screeching of metal.  We just figured we got close to the side and had left  out our step.   So we pulled over at a nice viewpoint and not only did we scrape the the step but we also got the tailpipe and sheered off all the decorative lug nuts on the rear tire.   Oops!

The next almost boo-boo was when we went around a tight turn a little fast and the open (but corked) bottle of red wine came flying out of a cabinet.   But luck was on our side.   It landed on its side in the kitchen sink with nary a crack in the bottle.   That became the new home for it the rest of the day.

Don’t know where we will end up tonight.   But I’m sure it will be fun.

First night in Seaside


Marina at Ten Mile Lake - North Lake RV Park

Night 2 at North Lake RV Park

Stopped for a little break



What’s a person to do with all these ways to communicate?   I have the last bit of the Neah Bay trip to put on the blog, but there are all these other ways to communicate.   Not everyone sees the blog and there is no fast and easy way to post multiple pictures,  so I post quickly on Facebook as an interim tool, but not everyone is on Facebook – however there is a nifty link from Picasa web albums to Facebook so I can show pictures easily.  But should I post on my Facebook only?  What about the DMYC page?    Then there is email.   That’s the first place I send the Picasa web album of pictures to, but no real narrative.   Every once in awhile I talk to someone on the phone about the trip, but no pictures for them.    Of course this means that some people see the pictures and hear bits and pieces of the adventures multiple times and ways and some people never hear.   This all makes me think most people get tired of it and simply tune it out.   Who knows.

Anyway, Saturday night was a very early night in Neah Bay.   Because of the tides and currents there was no need to leave super early so we had a leisurely morning on Sunday, then headed to the fuel dock, then pointed toward home with the intent of staying in either Port Townsend or Port Ludlow Sunday night and get home Monday sometime.

We put on 435 gallons of diesel at $2.77 a gallon.   We filled to the brim because fuel at Des Moines is $3.06.   That is alot of savings!   A few showers started out the morning but the weather got progressively better as we headed east.   The first several hours were with a following sea and slow large swells but no wind so it was really easy going.   The further we went the better the water got, so we decided to just keep on heading for home knowing it would be late when we got there.    Just past Port Townsend we began running into cruise ships that had departed Seattle for Alaska.   First was Norwegian Cruise Line – 5 minutes later was Princess – and last was Holland America.   Must have been dinner time because hardly a sole was out strolling in the sunshine.  Either that or they were ghost ships.   And when we started thinking about it we saw hardly a boat the entire way from Port Townsend to Des Moines.   The weather was great, the water perfect and not a boat in sight.   We were wondering if we had missed something   –  like some aliens had plucked everyone up and sent them to another planet.

We ended up getting home at 10:00… it was pretty darn dark but we knew where we were so other than hoping there were no logs we had no problems at all.    Walked home and hit the sack!   So we left Neah Bay at 10:30 and got home at 10:00.   Not bad considering we were fighting the current for the first 7 1/2 hours.    All in all a very successful and fun fishing adventure.

Just a few of the vacuum packed fish

Princess Cruise Lines

Holland America breathing down our neck

Sunset while passing Seattle

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Last Week vs This Week

Whew!   It’s blowing 41 mph here at home and more out at the ocean.   I am so glad (and I bet the guys are too!) that they were fishing last week.   What a crazy winter storm when it is almost summer.    I just got more pictures today from Brian from the fishing trip so will try to finish up on whole fun time tomorrow or Friday.   Just had another night of delicious halibut tonight, though.


Wrap Up again

Just figured out the wifi works good when the Marina office opens at 7:00 and they must boost their power.   Everyone left yesterday except Wayne & Peggy up at the rv park and us.   Had leftover steak dinner

When I left off it was Friday at breakfast.   Well, the guys didn’t head out bottom fishing until 11:30 and only stayed out 2 hours.   They just weren’t in the mood.   I think it had something to do with the night before.   Just as they got in they head Gar’s nephew Dennis calling the Coast Guard.   His engine had quit and was trying to get some help.    Between Coast Guard and cell phones when the would work it pretty much sounded like his coil had gone out.  We were really hoping there was a boat in the area that would tow him in since our boat would have taken about 1 1/2 hours to get to him.   Luckily Mustang Sally, a 32 Bayliner, brought him safely home.    While all that was going on we were up at the motorhomes vacuum packing fish and getting the steak bbq ready.

Our good customer from Port Angeles (Ward) brought oysters and steamer clams for appetizers and between that and the great food and plentiful beverages it was quite the night.   Needless to say, 5:00 a.m. came way to early on Saturday for the last day of fishing!

About 11:00 I was talking to Theresa on the cell phone when I looked out and saw the cruise ship my mom was on.   She and friend Claire had been on a 3 week Panama Canal cruise that was  heading to Vancouver, B.C.  I hung up and called mom and told her I was waving… Don’t understand why she couldn’t see me! I was only several miles away.

Then just a few minutes later I got a text from Jason that they had limited (11 people on board!) and were heading in.   Wow!  Of course they are 3 1/2 hours out, but this was still great news.

We were really lucky to get in early and not have the long line at the fish cleaning station.   They only waited about 15 minutes til their turn.   The night before the cleaners were still at work at 11:30 p.m.   Anyway, as soon as we could we took everything up to vacuum pack so people could take their fish home.

The catch Saturday was at least twice as big fish.   There were at least 4 in the 50 pound range and probably nothing smaller than 30, plus a couple really nice ling cod.  Wayne maybe got the largest fish, but they are not sure so I guess there is no official winner of the poll but I may make it Wayne.  Garry said it was the best water he had ever had out there on the ocean.   Let me tell you, everyone was happy.

Here are a few pictures of the last couple days.  OK, just a couple… we’re starting engines and heading to the fuel dock.   I’ll post more when we get home tomorrow.

A few of the Saturday catch

Vacuum packing time


Neah Bay update

I had a great drive out on Thursday to Neah Bay.  Safely driving the speed limts in Jason’s truck I made it in 4 hours 45 minutes,  and about 1/2 hour for breaks I arrived at 2:00 p.m.   The weather looked out on the water.

View crossing Hood Canal bridge

The guys were still out fishing when I got there.  As it turned out there were only 10 on the boat.  Little Brian was unable to take time off and Uncle Rich can’t come until late Fri night for the Saturday trip.

Jason texted me when they started heading in, so I was prepared to greet them.   They had a great day out on the water, thank goodness.   They limited in halibut, but not ling cod.  None of the fish were real large, but so far Duane has the largest (about 30 pounds) and Dale the smallest (too embarrasing to say, but they named it Bambi because it was a baby).   Gar’s nephew Dennis was there with his boat and a friend of Dennis’ brought a boat.   I don’t think they limited but Dennis caught a nice one.   I would say about 40-45 pounds.   The largest for the day that the marina knew of was 68 pounds.

People always want to know if anyone got seasick… well, you might think it would be Duane since he isn’t quite as seasoned at this, but no, it was Wayne!  Not too sure why but he didn’t do too hot til later in the day…   The only other incident of note is that Gar hurt his bad shoulder again harpooning a halibut.   They were talking amputation but decided against it for now.

Now the fun begins…. they need to either clean the fish or go to the fish cleaning dock and stand in line.   An hour earlier and there would have been not wait but so many boats came in at once that Jason, Dale, and Brian stood in line for 4 1/2 hours to get the fish cleaned.   We would take them beverages to keep their energy up!

Jason and Duane with one of several nice fishies

Fish cleaning

Needless to say it was pretty late by dinner time.  But the fish and chips were awesome!  I never thought we would eat it all but we pretty much did.

We crashed about 11:00 last night and had a leisurely morning cleaning the boat, etc., while Dale and Brian cooked a low fat/low calorie breakfast.  Well, not so low, but sure good.   I left for the motorhome and they pulled out about 11:30 to go bottom fishing at Tatoosh.   They plan is to bbq at the motorhomes tonight and maybe vacuum pack some of the fish.

Here are a few more pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

Early on the water

Jason hard at work

Wayne chumming

Mar bagging fish