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On The Road (Again)

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The following is a post about the Portland Swap Meet that I started a long time ago and never finished.   So, I’ll post it with just the following comment –  The more interesting things I won’t post as I don’t want to incriminate anyone who was there.   It did end up to be a successful test of the motorhome and a laundry list of things to finish..


Getting ready to sell good stuff

We departed for the big Portland Car Swap Meet on Wed at about 1:30 p.m.   Not too bad considering we were still loading the motorhome in the morning and Garry decided to build just one more shelf and install it.   We also realized we had better fill it with water and add propane to the tank since we didn’t know it’s capacity.   Anyway, off we went on down I-5.   At the Ground Mound exit he decided to pull into a place and get a cup of coffee and also thought maybe we should check our headlights…    Guess what… No headlights!   But we had brake lights and turn lights, thank goodness.   We beep-beeped Richard in his motorhome and pretty soon he beep-beeped us back, laughing so hard I couldn’t understand him.   Turns out that when David was wiring for our new stereo, etc., he forgot to hook the headlights wiring back up.     Well, we were lucky – or should I save David was lucky – because he had been to Oregon in the morning for service calls and was almost back to where we were so we all met up at the closed down Rib Eye Restaurant in the Chehalis area and he got us all hooked back up.   So, then back on the road again.

We stopped in Woodland for gas and groceries (Richard, not us, on the grocery part) and got into Portland around 6:30 p.m. and eventually found our way into the PIR racetrack to find our stalls for the weekend.   Gar had done something to his sciatic nerve on the way down so while he was hopping around and moaning we all set up camp and I started bbq-ing.   Other than the pain that Gar was having, it was a peaceful night in the motorhome.   Well, it was except for the wildlife.    The raceway has a huge wetland area in the middle and the frogs/toads croak up a storm.    It was really cool.   Even Garry could hear it sometimes.    Then in the morning there were tons of Canadian geese who make it a stopover to wherever they are heading for the summer.    They are super loud!

The swap meet started Thursday morning at the raceway, and Friday at the Expo center, so our stalls were pretty busy on Thursday.   They guys take off and go looking and I man the stalls.  Thank goodness for the beep-beeps (2-way Nextels) because I can always reach someone if there is a customer who wants to barter.   Thursday weather was cold and rainy and sunny at times but we sold alot of stuff.   Friday’s weather was crazy!   Sun, wind, hail, wind, rain, sun!

Check out the hail

Bundled up to stay warm


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  1. I enjoy your pictures and reading about your adventures.

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