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Fast Forward

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OK – 3 days ago I started to tell the story of going to the Portland Car Swap Meet and it got really boring.  The more I wrote the worse it got.   I saved it as a draft and will finish it later.   It was boring because some of the best stories cannot be printed.  What happens in Portland stays in Portland (or Vancouver, apparently, person not to be named!)

So, I am writing about tonight.  It is 8:00 p.m..  The Mariner’s just scored in the 3rd and are ahead.   The sunset was beautiful.  They boys are all here  working on Dale’s boat,  my Chevelle and Brian’s truck.

And the bonus is that Garry’s shoulder is OK!   We thought he had messed up his right shoulder that he had surgery on 9 years ago and found out it is only bone spurs.   A shot of cortisone is helping and the worse case scenario is minor surgery  (can’t spell arthroscopic or whatever).

So, life is good.  Even great.  And you will have to read the boring story about Portland later.  I won’t delete it, but I’ll try to make sound a little better than it does now.   Until then, enjoy these pictures.

Sunset Friday April 16th 2010

Putting the boat together

Brian's truck

1969 Chevelle - new rear end in place


One thought on “Fast Forward

  1. I like to read about what you guys are doing. The pictures are nice, too.

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