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A Man Possessed


Garry has been working like a man possessed to get the motorhome finished enough that we can take it to the Portland Swap Meet for our first sleep-over in it.      Actually,  I am writing this after I got home from Portland last night, but I will leave that part of the story for a future post.    Right now you need to see all that has been accomplished.

The dash looks awesome with all the new fancy stuff the boys put in.   And it all works great.   I picked up the upholstery and it looks wonderful.  While I was doing that Garry continued to staple more carpet (really!!),  get a faucet in the shower, figure out the furnace and hang mini-blinds.

I was sent on a major quest.   We found out the on/off switch for the furnace was broken, so I started calling around and found a couple.   One was up the road at Poulsbo RV for $59.  The other was at Camping World in Fife for $29.   It was worth the trip to Fife and now we have a furnace that works.

One of our big dilemmas was what to do for a mattress.   I want to use our almost new queen size Select Comfort airbed, but when I assembled it I found out that one chamber would not hold air.   After some calls with the company we narrowed it down to the actual chamber, not the pump assembly.   It is still under warranty so I need to arrange to replace it, but that won’t happen before the trip to Portland so my brain started thinking about alternatives.    What I came up with was truly an inspiration.    I sent 2 strong kids to our boat and had them take the mattress out of the guest stateroom and bring it to the motorhome.   It is a little too narrow and a couple inches too long but it will certainly do in a pinch.  They funny part is that the mattress is custom made and angled in the front to fit the “V” at the bow of the boat.   I had to reverse it on the bed so the “V” part is at the foot of the bed.   That way we can still kinda get around the bed even though it is 3 inches too long.   A big plus is that the sheets for the mattress are also custom made to fit that weird shape, so it actually worked our pretty good.

Up until now I haven’t really been able to do any cleaning or packing in the rig because there was too much construction going on, but since we are leaving in 2 days for Portland I needed to shove people out of the way so I could clean the bathroom, the cupboards, the fridge, the microwave, the shower…  basically everything.   Two of the plastic shelves in the fridge are broken,  but the first trip won’t involve much food, so I’ll just make do.   For this trip we pretty much decided to live out of containers and boxes rather than put things in cupboards willy nilly.   This shakedown trip will help us decide the ultimate place for everything.

Tuesday afternoon Garry brought the motorhome to our place so I could start loading things for our departure on Wednesday.    He also got Dale’s car trailer to our place and they guys spent the evening loading it with all our treasures to sell at the big swap meet.     The goal is to leave around noon on Wednesday.   Keep your fingers crossed.


5 thoughts on “A Man Possessed

  1. Yes you do need a FURNACE, its BURRR cold here. I should have stayed in Manta. Just booked a trip to Barcelona for next month. Are you ready to go?

  2. Looks really good !!! Figuring out how to unlock the bathrom door was just one of those beautiful surprises !!

  3. Keep us posted. It all sounds like an adventure.

  4. You’re going to have to get Stubby’s trailer repainted!

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