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Did We Make A Mistake?


At first glance, you would think we made a horrible mistake.   I’ve heard Garry mentioned how David got the better end of the deal.  You see, David and Kim bought our old motorhome.    That was good for us because we aren’t two motorhome owners.  And it is really good for Dale since we store them at his place and he was definitely not wanting 2 lovely looking rigs like ours decorating his yard.

The list of things to be done is long.   A complete new shower is needed and the skylight over the shower leaks.   Looking on the positive side, at least the leak went into the shower!   The sofa was tossed out in pieces.   The overhead bunk cushions and dinette cushions all need to be reupholstered.   We need a mattress, since there isn’t even an old one.   Multi-layered floral curtains all need to be gone and replaced with mini-blinds.   The carpet is a definite bye-bye, as is the linoleum portion of the floor.

At this point you might be wondering what does not need to be replaced…   Well, the fridge is fine (but a few shelves need to be replaced), the stove and oven look great, the microwave looks good except you can’t read the numbers.   The generator runs – a little loud since there is no muffler, but that is a fast way to meet your neighbors!  The water heats super fast.   The thing drives great.

While Garry starts work on the major remodel, the boys all got together and ripped out the stereo and started installing a system that does everything!   Radio, CD, DVD, XM Radio, iPod, GPS, back-up camera… the list goes on and on.   I just did the smart thing and pretty much stayed out of everyone’s way and hoped for success.   It took about 3 days of off and on work, but everything works.   We can listen to Willie’s Place on XM, or watch Top Gun, or listen to the nice lady tell  us to make a U-Turn at our earliest convenience.   The hardest part was to figure out how to lock in pre-set radio stations but after much trial and error I was able to do that.   Many many thanks to David, Richard, Dale and Brian for doing such a super job!   These guys really know what they are doing.

The race is on to do enough things to the rig that we can at least sleep and shower in it when we go to the big car swap meet in Portland soon.  But occasionally Garry gets distracted by what I will call add-ons.   He absolutely hates the cheap walls in these motorhomes, so he has actually carpeted some of the walls in the bedroom and main living area with a nice Berber.   It actually looks really nice and makes everything look a lot warmer and homier.  And we now have a name for the motorhome.   It has officially been dubbed “The Flying Carpet”.

Stapling carpet to the bedroom wall

Bookshelf Gar built me

The dash all torn apart for the new super cool stuff


3 thoughts on “Did We Make A Mistake?

  1. Thank God for all those talented guys working on it……it will be perfect in no time!

  2. Get it all finished then come to Whidbey and show it off, then give me a ride. It sounds as if it has been fun even though it involves a lot of work.

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