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What Not To Buy On EBay

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Some of you know that we bought a little 23 1/2 foot motorhome on EBay in 2005.   It was a 1987 Coachman and we lucked out.    It was really a pretty good deal.   It was very clean, but pretty dated.   Garry worked his usual renovation magic and we took that motorhome to the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alaska on one trip.   We took it to Nebraska for Jason & Theresa’s second reception, and then on to Nashville and back.   We took it to Arizona.  It’s been to Neah Bay a few times.   We really liked it except for one big thing.   OK, two things..   But the biggest thing was that it didn’t have a private bedroom, so if someone wanted to stay in bed and the other wanted to be up, there was no privacy.   The second thing was that back in the earlier days of motorhomes there was not alot of thought to storage.

Anyway, for the last couple of years Garry has been looking for a newer, slightly larger motorhome for us to be just a little more comfortable, but still small and easy to drive and maneuver around in tight places.   And easy for me to drive…

So, back in January he found a 1999 Conquest on Ebay and started bidding.  It was in Quartzite Arizona.   The pictures looked pretty good and it had pretty much all we wanted.   So, he started bidding and our current adventure began.   The day the bidding was to end we were on a yacht club cruise to Port Orchard.   I took our laptop along and we watched the bidding.   Unfortunately, my laptop is on it’s last legs and it kept crashing.   We were able to find out we won, but when we tried to pay the required deposit (within 24 hours, please), the laptop up and died.   Fortunately, just as you walk off the dock in Port Orchard there is a nice library.   As soon as it opened on Sunday we sent of the secure deposit on PayPal…   Little did we know that the troubles just to finish this part of the transaction would the the easy part.

We asked good friends Dick and Davie Frederickson to drive from their winter home in Yuma to Quartzite to take a look at what we bought.  Dick, in his very diplomatic style, let us know that it seemed sound, but was well used.  Hmmm… That’s OK, we can handle anything.

The motorhome had to be picked up within 30 days, which was a problem because we would be in Ecuador, so Dale, Christy and Demie said they would fly down and bring it back during Demie’s mid-winter break.   We decided to have it delivered to the RV sales office’s California location, and the kids flew into Sacramento, rented a car and drove to Madera where our new treasure awaited them.   We told them to motel back but they insisted that they would camp in it with just a few bare essentials that they would buy at Walmart.   It turns out one of those essentials was a shower head and hose since that had been taken out.

Well, after only one blow-out (on supposedly new tires!) and one leaking tire, they made it safely home.    We were anxious to see our project, so as soon as we got home from Ecuador we went to see it.  This is when Garry began his new favorite saying,   “Next time I want to buy something on Ebay sight unseen, stick a hot poker up my butt and twist it a few times.”  I now hear that several times a day.

So, stayed tuned to the blog as I show how once again Garry transforms something from nothing.

Exterior - not too bad

Leaky window had to be replaced


One thought on “What Not To Buy On EBay

  1. It sounds bad, but it does look good from the outside. Keep us posted.

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