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How Not To Pack

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We finally figured out some of the packing boo-boos from our last trip.  Remember that Gar didn’t pack all his underwear and his pain pills?   Well, the underwear was safely at home, but not the pain pills.   So, lesson learned is do not pack prescription pain pills in your checked luggage, especially if they are in the prescription bottle.  Way too tempting to make it through inspections…

Now that we are home, Gar is working on a new project that I can hardly wait to tell you about.   We bought another little used  motorhome on Ebay, sight unseen.   It is now in the middle of a major remodel.   Next week I will start telling you ALL about it.. The good, the bad and the kinda ugly!


One thought on “How Not To Pack

  1. Thank you for your email. I’m going to enjoy hearing about your motorhome, too.
    Sandy C.

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