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The journey home


I haven’t meant to take so long to post about our last days of the trip, but you know how good intentions go, don’t you?  Right out the window.

We had a quiet evening our last night in Quito.  We went to the daily evening reception for the executive rooms to check emails and have a glass of wine or beer and a few little snacks.   We met up with 2 ladies from New Zealand that we had chatted with briefly the day before.   Turns out there were 4 of them traveling together:  Sue, Annie, Daphne and Jan.   They were on a 38 day South American adventure that had taken them to many fun places already and were leaving in the morning for the Galapagos Islands for 5 days.  These ladies really know how to travel and were lots of fun to talk to.   A couple of them sound like they are traveling fools!   Made us jealous.   It is really fun to ask about other people’s favorite places to visit.   It helps me add things to my list or maybe move things a little lower on the list.

Anyway, we had an early night because we had to take the 5:00 a.m. shuttle to the airport.  Speaking of airports, did you know that airplanes to not land at night in Quito?   It is a difficult airport for the most experienced of pilots and because of its short runway, high elevation and coming in through the volcanos, they only land in the daytime.   There is a new airport almost finished that will be at least a 45 minute drive away rather than a short taxi ride, but it will be longer, lower elevation, etc.    It is due to open in late 2011, I think.   Not 100% sure on that, but we saw it when we took our drive out to the rose plantation.

Anyway, we did all of our normal things at the airport and took off right on schedule for Houston.   It was a totally un-adventurous day for us.  We had a long layover in Houston but had to do Immigrations, get our luggage and go through customs, then re-check the luggage.   We still have lots of time, so hit Wendy’s and had a yummy hamburger!!!    We boarded our flight for Seattle and were actually home 20 minutes early.   On the last leg of the flight we had satellite tv at each seat so I watched the Olympics ( ha ha!   East Coast time!) , so when we actually got home I had already seen some of the ladies figure skating finals before they even showed them in Seattle.

Christy and Demie picked us up at the airport then headed off for Demie’s basketball practive.   Brian was at our place and getting ready to leave, so he came up and visited awhile, and then Theresa came by with a take and bake pizza.  It was perfect since the fridge was completely empty.

So in the last week or so we finally are caught up on mail, gossip, haircuts and starting new projects.    I might just have to blog about the latest one…  our EBay purchased motorhome that is now being remodeled.     And I will try to post some pictures on the blog, now that I am home and have time to learn more about WordPress.

Birthday in Quito


3 thoughts on “The journey home

  1. Hi,
    I enjoy reading about your adventures and your pictures are also very nice. Keep writing and taking pictures.

  2. Somehow, you have an ability to make one feel as if they are right along with you. Your foibles are immensely ejoyable. Your unorthodox approach to everything seems to always beat the odds. We look forward to all your notes and pictures.
    PAt and Marianne

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