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The Port of Manta


Fish Market in Manta

Tuna Capital of South America

Hey, don’t forget to look for all posts.  Sometimes I post more than one a day, and this neat new wordpress thing shows me that lots have read my last post but no one has read the 2 before that….

Anywho…. I think I told you Manta is the Tuna Capital of South America.   There are a gzillion small little blue boats that go out fishing every day and bring things back to the local fish market on the beach.  There is also the larger commercial fleet where the fish goes to the local processors.  The owners of those deals are pretty wealthy.  The local fisherman are not.

Yesterday Howard to us to the local fish market and gee… I must have looked like a tourist with my camera so a local glommed on to me and started taking me around and explaining every fish and seafood in Spanish.  It was pretty funny.   They also build and repair boats on the beach.   There were some guys using a chain saw to cut a 2×6 to patch the side of a boat..   I took pics.

We then tried to get into the Manta Yacht Club for lunch.  Thanks to our nice Commodore Tom, we had a letter of introduction and even tho the guard spoke no English we got in.  Our waiter didn’t either, but we stayed for lunch and had a good time.   Eventually we found the manager and he spoke very good English.   Gar was interested in going fishing, but at the price of $800to $1000 for the day, lost interest pretty fast.

I am going to go to my photos and see if I can figure out how to postsome on my blog.   Wish me luck.


6 thoughts on “The Port of Manta

  1. Dave and I enjoy hearing about your trip. You’re sure having fun adventures.

  2. I didn’t see Garry in the mud bath or sweat hole, wazzupwitdat??

  3. Hey, Just went through your picasa photos…a giant corn cob..really Garry – showing off again. Marilee mud wrestling? We need to get the narrative when you’re back.

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