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Six Degrees of Separation

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Many of you know how I think that it is really more like 3 or 4 degrees, but supposedly we all are connected to each other within 6 connections of with other people.   Here are the ones so far on this trip.   The obvious first one was when we met Justin at Anita’s room rental place and he knew Howard.  

Then on Friday when a real estate friend of Howard and Tanya’s was showing their condo to a potential buyer, we found out they live in Asotin, near Lewiston/Clarkson.   Garry’s uncle Leo (his mother’s brother) lives in Asotin.

Then we met two nice ladies from Anchorage in Cuenca and Howard knows someone in Anchorage they know.

Then we had dinner in Cuenca at a restaurant with friends of Howard and Tanyas.  One of the ladies, Lynn, was born in Wyoming and has lived all around the U.S.   She has been to Baggs,Wyomng, where the Weber ranch is and was going to see if her relatives have ever met Wayne and Peggy’s family.

Not quite as close a connection, but the 31 year old friend of Lynn’s at dinner that night was from Omaha, Nebraska…


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