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Cuenca and Carnival


Well, I think Carnival in Cuenca is more like what I was expecting.   You got bombarded with water from buckets, balloons, colored foam, other things… if you were in a taxi and saw a wet spot anywhere, you rolled up your window.   People in the double decker bus tour who sat at balcony level got soaked.   We were smart and took the tour on Wed.   It was all in good fun, and those that got upset should have read up more before venturing out.

Wednesday was Ash Wednesday but most places were open and so we took the 2 hour sightseeing tour.  We had the top 4 seats in the front.   They would sound a horn and warn us to duck when we were to close to power lines and tree limbs.   Very very close.   It was a great tour of the city.   This is the 3rd largest city in Ecuador – population approx.  250,000.   We toured the Panama  Hat museum and got to take pics as they made hats.   It was great. 

We have watched some of the Olympics in Spanish in our rooms when we take little breaks from walking and eating and drinking.  We make up our own dialogue.  

We had dinner our last night in Cuenca with 4 of H&T’s friends.   Hazel and Wally, Lynn and Sean (Shawn?), and us.   Hazel and Wally had been renting in Manta since March and moved that day to Cuenca and are renting a 3 bedroom condo for another couple months.   She is British and used to do book safaris in Africa.  He was a CSI…. don’t know where… maybe when they were in Florida or maybe in Georgia where they have a home for sale.   They were mid-50’s.   Super nice and easy to talk to.   Wally and Gar traded ankle surgery stories.

Lynn’s husband is in Iraq, supervising cooks on a contract basis for contract employees for about a year…   I don’t know alot about her but she has a little chihuahua.  She came with a friend, Sean, or Shawn, who is from Nebraska.   We did the whole age game thing and he came in the youngest at 31, then Tanya (won’t tell), then Lynn, Hazel, Wally, Garry and Howard.   Ah, well… we all had a great night and felt very young.   H & T have some nice friends…

Decided to come home yesterday (thurs) to Manta… and decided to take the shorter route… maybe..   Here’s the deal.   It is thru the higher mountains and through a National Park, and when the road is done (remember those words),the trip will be shorter and faster.    Well, it was 50 km shorter and about an hour faster, but pretty hairy construction issues and lots of mud slides.  The National park was at an elevation at times of approx. 13,000 ft.  Many lakes and rivers.  It would be a wonderful day trip from Cuenca.

Whew…. we safely made it back and just before Manta, in Montecristi, decided to go back to the Italian restaurant we almost got kicked out of last week.   Ran into 6 of H & T’s friends….  did not get kicked out and hada wonderful dinner.

Tanya is cooking goulash tonight and we are staying in… probably hit the pool later.   The next post will be about the port of Manta (Tuna Capital of South America) and the Manta Yacht Club.  Stay tuned til tomorrow!!!


4 thoughts on “Cuenca and Carnival

  1. When do we get a report on Garry’s table dancing lesson for Howard?
    No return to the northern hemisphere without picture proof!!

  2. Sure enjoyed reading that. Keep having fun

  3. Happy almost Birthday…will be out of email contact for a couple of days celebrating Tom’s b-day. Have loved the updates and pictures. Be safe and keep having fun!!

    Tom & Kath

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