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Garry said this morning, that it started out as a very good day.   First night with no ankle or foot pain, so good sleep.  Coffee in bed.  A hot shower with water that stayed on.   And he got in Howard’s shorts.   But I digress…. 

Let’s go back to yesterday.  We arrived in Manta at 2 p.m.  Not a problem and at least 8 seats empty on the plane that holds about 30.   Howard and Tanya met us at the airport, we had a late lunch then went to their place.   While unpacking Gar discovered that he had not packed all his underwear.   Then he discovered he didn’t pack his pain pills.   Just a couple extra that I made him throw in at the end.   Well, fortunately, on the underwear part,  Howard had a brand new package from Sears, so that is how Gar got in Howard’s shorts..

More TMI Tanya arranged for a masseuse to come and give me a massage for $10 this morning.  She has a massage table in their office room.  But when Jose got here, she was at the chiropractor and he didn’t speak english.   Howard wasn’t sure how much Tanya disrobes, but he thought down to her panties.   So… what the heck.  But Jose stays in the room while you ‘prepare’  yourself.  Good thing he was short, stout and older…   So, we are doing fine until he asks me toturn over.  hmmmmm… ok, I do and he places a towel on me and massages my legs.   Then he pantomimes to take off the the towel… double hmmmmmmm.   What would Tanya do?   Well, Ifigure I will never see him again,so I say yes.    Well, I survived and he did too.   Pretty funny!

Just got back from agroup lunch of 14 people.  One of the gringo couples was heading back to the US today so it was a fairwell lunch.   More on that later.

Howard and Tanya have a great place, but we brought the rain.  Howard has never seen it rain in the daytime and it poured all morning.   Taking lots of pics and he has picassa so I will see if I can download and post some.


5 thoughts on “TMI

  1. Hey, you guys look fabulous in that picture! We envy you your tank top and shorts. But you could have saved money on this trip, it poured rain here today too.
    What kinds of food are you eating?
    Simon wants to know if you can bring back some of that cheap diesel in your suitcase.

  2. Hi! Our rain is warmer than your rain… we have been eating shrimp and fish here in Manta. Fresh squeezed o.j and grapefruit juice. Papaya, pineapple, bananas. Vokda… beer…

    The picture on the top of the blog is from last summer atToba Wildernest! Toba Inlet inthe background.

    I am hoping to post pictures in the next day or so… We are staying in tonight to try to find the Olympics in spanish… wish us luck.

  3. You mean, even after Gar pre-packed for this trip weeks ahead of time he still forgot the shorts??

  4. Ha! That is sooo funny. When I saw your picture I said to Simon…Look, it’s the same background like they’re in the Broughtons! Close!
    Seafood and fresh fruit juice, heaven!

  5. Well that feisty little Jose !!! What did he massage after you removed your towel? So when Tanya got back did you ask her if Jose did the same with her? (I know you asked !! )

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