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In Quito


Well, our next greatest adventure has begun.  Sorry for any typos because this keyboard is a little different than I am used to. 

We departed right on time yesterday from Seattle and arrived without problems in Houston, except we had to sit back down wiile the medics went to the back of the plane to assist a lady with a crisis.   Then we boarded for Quito Ecuador.  We landed right on time.   We had fog leaving Seattle and patchy fog in Quito when we landed at 10:30 p.m.   A lady named Anita met us after Immigrations and Customs (very easy).  Anita owns an apartment by the airport that she rents out rooms, gives tours, makes your reservations, etc.    We got a nice room with a private bath.  We are about 300 yards from the flight path, so it is a bit noisy, but Gar takes his hearing aids out and he can{t hear a thing.

We met our “roommates” this morning.   Jackie and Russ from one of the Carolinas and Justin from Massachusetts.   Jackie and Russ are flyiing to Manta today, Justin tomorrow and us tomorrow.  And believe it or not, all of us are going to the same all night pajama party on Saturday   Apparantely, there is this lady in Manta everyone knows and she knows everyone.    And weird coincidence, Justin knows Howard – they guy we are going to stay with…  kinda like the Twilight Zone isn”t it???    Six degrees of separation.  

Our biggest excitement today was when I asked Anita to reconfirm our flight to Manta tomorrow and they said it had been cancelled.   And because it is Carnival this weekend, no seats available.   So, aff we trek to the airport and try.  No luck, so we trek to the headquarters and she does her little tap dance… I look friendly and pleasant and not worried, and a supervisor released a couple seats to us on the later flight that day.   When Howard found out, he then went to the Manta office of the airline and somehow got us back on the 1:00 flight.

So, then Anita took Justin, Gar and me on a tour up to the center of the world.   Great tours.  The first place was the tourist stop where the equator is and you stand one foot on the south and one on the north side.  Had a great tour, lots of pics, learned a lot about the equator, etc, had lunch (not great, but ok), did a tad bit of shopping, then went about 300 yards further away and went to the real place that is the equator.   With the advent of the gps, they discovered the what they thought was the equator was a little off, but they still built the monument at the original place because of the earthquake fault line.   Anyway, the real place was an incredible tour and we got to do a ton of things to show what is different about north/south and at both places learned alot about indiginous (sp?) groups of Ecuador.  

So, finally back to where we are staying and tried to buy ice so we can have a little pre dinner drink.  What a riot.  Anita was taking people to the airport so we were on our own.   No one spoke English except us, and they didnt understand we wanted ice (hielo) but we finally found some so are now enjoying a beverage, discussing where to go  for dinner, and I am updating you all. 

So…. whew.. my fingers are tired, feet tired, neck tired, but throat is not dry.   We will be in Manta tomorrow and be updating you all later…


9 thoughts on “In Quito

  1. Hi Mar and Gar, it sounds great — can’t wait to hear more.

  2. So if a toilet was place on the equator which way would if flush?

    • Toilets have a built in mechanism that forces it a direction, BUT if you emptied a tub of water lie we got to do, and it was right on the line, the water goes exactly straight down. Move to either side and it goes clockwise or counterclockwise depending on if you are north or south. We got to do that too.

  3. I don’t understand why you did not invite me to join in on this great adventure. I know a few words of Spanish and can look as innocent as Betty White. You’ll be sorry!!!

  4. I totally LOVE Anita!! What a gig she’s got !

  5. Interesting stuff. Never knew anyone who had one foot in the S. Hemisphere and one foot in the N. Hemisphere. Saw it on the Today show onetime, but that’s as close as I’d been before. You paint a good picture. Have fun; will be looking forward to more news.

  6. We enjoy reading about your trip.

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